Friday, May 3, 2013

None of you will probably be as interested in this but I've started putting some posts (mostly reviews of movies) at  It will be much more organized.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am back in DC.  I should relocate (and focus) this blog but I'm not yet sure where it should go.  California was quite nice.  It was great to hang out with old friends, see more of family, and to drive around some.  I may go back after a year here. I will not miss the temperature dropping 20-30 degrees at night and living with people whom Dave Reynolds took about two minutes to conclude that "they sound like white trash."  Now I wouldn't use that term, but he wasn't far off the mark.  Yelling gets on my nerves, and these people liked to yell at their pets, at each other, and at each other about the pets.

(Is it just me or are German Shepards the least cute dog breed?  My dad had one when I was a kid, and I guess he was smart and friendly, but he wasn't cuddly-cute.  My former landlord/housemate in California has a super skinny German Shepard who was neither friendly, smart, nor cute.  He liked to bark a lot. He'd sit on her disgusting furniture and bark at people outside the door.  Possibly the most annoying thing you could put in your house.  He was like a Chihuahua except more hairy. Or like a tantruming toddler but with no cute phase and who never grows up.  Anyway, I told her the dog had no redeeming qualities and should just be taken to the pound but she thought I was joking. My good advice is often unappreciated.)

I had cursed my former landlord/housemate to a future of housing struggles and frustration, but I hereby withdraw my ill will.  Let her find some stability for her daughter's sake.  I wonder if my hex can be withdrawn.  In the past I've only ever cursed restaurants and haven't ever changed my mind about them. (GWU's chick-fil-a and it's nasty chicken got removed in 2011, btw.  I am two for two! That one took a while.)

Lauren's place is a bit chilly and both she and Doug are getting sick, but they're kindly letting me stay on their couch while I search for a more permanent place.  Hopefully I will find something I like soon.

(talking to Dan about his wedding)

Dan: I think there's going to be one single girl there.
me: Is she cute?
Dan: She has a great personality.