Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm still alive. Been decompressing since my quarter. I should start ramping the work up again though. Having to learn the same lesson every quarter is silly.

I've been playing a little tiger woods golf on the wii. Normally I'm not a big golf guy, but supposedly with the wii motionplus it's a super-realistic golf simulation, and it's only like $60 for the golf experience, as opposed to however many hundreds of dollars you'd pay to use a golf course. And I've got a large open area infront of my tv and a fairly big tv to use. It's almost like I'd imagine playing golf by yourself would be.

Well I've only played 2 games, but I'm really pretty decent until it gets to the putting. Putting is a huge pain in the ass in the game for some reason. It's hard to see how close you really are to the hole, so I usually just look at the distance it tells you, and then try to imagine I'm putting that distance. But that doesn't work. A fair amount of the time I'll get it to the green in a couple hits and then I'll spend like 5 hits putting it back and forth trying to get it into the hole. It must be the game's fault. I'm good at putt-putt!

The only thing I don't think it takes into account is how squarely you're hitting the ball. It detects how hard you swing and how you twist the club. But it doesn't know how tall you are or how long your arms are, so it just assumes you're hitting the ball squarely. Which I think is a pretty big assumption. But I don't really know, I've never been to a driving range or anything. Maybe driving the ball is really pretty easy.

Today is Matt and Lisa's last day in dc but I think I'm being blackballed out of any celebrations for some reason. Oh well. Getting upset about things that people don't do is really just getting upset at your own expectations. My joke about Matt haunting the upper rafters of 6th & I like the hunchback of Notre-Dame was one of my few culturally refined jokes. And Matt and I never went out to bars as much as regularly as we should have, but the regular friday night lights viewings were always fun. I don't have much desire to ever live in Boston, but maybe someday they'll move out of there and we'll have the opportunity to go out drinking (or not go out) again.

(about living out in Capitol Hill)
Kate R: Plus in MY neighborhood laws are made and rights of the common man upheld. In your neighborhood kickballers drink themselves silly. I see no contest.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm watching a bit of Greek while I do work. It's okay for that because it moves a little slow (though not as slow as lord of the rings, which runs at the perfect pace for doing something else). The hottest actress, by far, is the one who plays Rebecca Logan. So I took a moment to stalk her on wikipedia, and she has the same birthday as me! Though she's 3 years younger. But we're still the same horoscope sign... though I guess cancers are supposedly most compatible with something other than cancers. Hrmm. Did I post about this before?

I dunno if it'd work out anyway because her chin is 100x as defined as mine is. How do girls always keep their chins so tight? Maybe I should start chewing gum.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Is it just me or is an 8 incredibly difficult to write? I used to always write them by doing a figure-8 on the page with my pen, but when you're writing fast that turns more and more into a deformed 6. So then I started just doing two small circles like architects do (I think), but now that have gotten too tedious and sometimes my circles overlap too much or not at all. It's a crap shoot each time. Why can't we use a symbol like a backwards 3 for the 8? Or a backwards 7? Anything would be easier than this 8 character. I might just start writing an X in my notes instead of each 8.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quick story. I went out for a beer in Adams Morgan with Mehrnaz last Saturday. We were in some bar where a lot of people were dancing, but we were sitting on stools against the wall. Mehrnaz said something about how a guy dancing nearby looked really young and I agreed with her. I might have compared the kid to Michael Cera. Then two girls walked up to me and said that they know we've been talking about them, so why don't we just say it to their face or they were going kick my ass. I was stunned. These girls were skinny, white, college girls. But they were angry and there was a lot of head bobbing and finger waving. So I reached over and smacked the closer girl and then the other one when berserk! Okay, that didn't really happen. Instead, I tried to explain that I hadn't even seen them and definitely hadn't been talking about them, but they weren't believing me. Maybe they were drunk.

They did a lot of angry lecturing that I didn't catch because of the loud music and one of the girls told Mehrnaz that she looked 18 years old (which I guess passes for an insult in some circles). We sorta reached a standoff where they weren't quite angry enough to actually attack me and I didn't really want to get off my stool to fight. Fortunately, one of their guy friends, who had been ineffectively trying to distract the girls until now, grabbed the alpha girl around the shoulders and almost dragged her away to the other side of the bar. And the other girl followed after them.

You gotta watch out in Adams Morgan, people get shot occasionally here.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Busy with end of the quarter nonsense. For now, here's some great videos:

Andrew WK does the weather
Andrew WK- Party Hard live. Those were some great concerts.

George Foreman: Mike Tyson's not all that bad. If you dig deep... dig real deep, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, deep, deep, go all the way to China ... I'm sure, you'll find there's a nice guy in there.