Wednesday, June 25, 2008

more gunshots

At about 1:30 last night I heard gunshots from my bed. They were close too, probably within a block from me. I've been wondering, what is my obligation when I hear gun shots in the night? Should I look out the window and see if anyone is lying in the street, or just call the cops and say someone somewhere might have been shot? That seems like pretty useless information for the cops, though I'm certainly not going to go wandering out and investigating. It was two quick shots, so maybe it was an execution. One to the chest, one to the head. Well, instead of going to look I went back to sleep. Though I didn't sleep well, so maybe that's karma.

I just discovered that I would rather eat a banana with my right hand and awkwardly gimp around my computer using the mouse in my left hand than eat with my off-hand. Huh. You learn something new every day.

whitney: so. you want to send me a care package???
me: hmm, sure
whitney: LOL
whitney: loser

Sunday, June 22, 2008

no girls allowed

Today is the end of the quarter (in case you've been looking for me, I've been working), and usually I get myself a congratulatory present after the quarter rush. I couldn't think of anything that I wanted this time though, so I just kinda wandered around the mall. I went into Gamespot, looking for an old xbox game and was surprised to discover a whole bunch of girls in there. Apparently now with the wii, girls are getting more into the videogame scene. I thought about telling them that this was a men-only store, but I didn't. Then I found two old xbox games that I was kinda interested in playing, and they were less than $2 each, so I picked those up and brought them to the counter and the guy at the counter carded me! One of the games (Max Payne 2) was rated "mature" and he wasn't sure if I was 17 years old.

(review of a bean bag chair)
"So you finally get the chair set up and sit in it. It's wonderful. It's like... it's like sitting on a fat person. I've never sat on a fat person before, but I have to imagine this is what it's like... I even just slept the whole night on it a couple of times because it's just that comfortable. It could double as a guest bed. You could tell your friend it's a bed, and if they're a little bit of an idiot, they'll buy it."

Friday, June 13, 2008


My house fell within the power outage area this morning. I showered in the dark, and luckily the U street metro station fell just outside of the power outage so I had no issues there. I didn't notice the shaw metro being dark, but I had a book to read and wasn't paying much attention.

In other news NASA is feeling quite confident about everything, even though pieces are falling off their shuttle. Apparently that happens all the time. I'm probably not optimistic enough to be a NASA engineer.

(from a forum comparing Tekken Tag with Tekken 5: DR, lots of complaining about DR's over-reliance on juggles and wall-combos)
Watching DR matches is painful, after a [juggle] launch or getting backed into a wall it's like watching a dad beat up his 5 year-old son. You know unless the kid can crawl through his dad's legs to get away he's prolly gonna get KO'd.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I did my laundry this morning so I got into work a little late. I grabbed a sandwich, sat at my desk and read the news while I ate. About half way through my sandwich I came to an article about the salmonella scare. My sandwich had a few slices of raw tomato. I had noticed that the guy behind me in line asking for no tomatoes but I just thought he was being an asshole. And Virginia is one of the states where poisonings have "cropped up" (though there are 9 states of primary concern and it's not one of those). So if I die of food poisoning any time soon, I want you to know it was from the Gallery Dream sandwich I got from the Gallery Cafe. Someone notify the FDA. That evil asian lady pretends to be so friendly while serving me poisoned tomatoes!

(An email from Dan after I told him he should purchase Tekken 5)
Bought it, goddam the last boss is a piece of shit, so far i hate the game and have forgotten all of my skills (not that they were the best to begin with). fucking god damn waste of $30. and online, i guess i was downloading something with caused serious lag and made my first online match a ass whooping. sons of bitches.

Monday, June 9, 2008

back and busy

Frustrated at work. Some brilliant coworker of mine thinks it's okay to walk up to the group printer and grab his printout from the stack while leaving everything else just sitting there. He must not understand that the printer offsets at every other printing and, if you just take one out of the mix, the printer will drop the next printout right behind the previous and nobody will find it. I just spent 10 minutes fishing through there trying to find my missing printout. I should wait in the print room someday. Bring in a newspaper and some coffee. Then when I see this guy snatch his printout off the top of the stack I'll be there to smack him over the back of the head with the paper and shout "Bad!"

I'm back from a fun time in Colorado (where it was warm, for once) and now have to do 200% at work. I also have to get up to NYC this weekend for my sister's art show, we'll see how I manage that. At least we're having a pleasant heatwave this week. 100 degrees today.

I have a caffine headache.

(an customer review of William Shatner's "The Transformed Man")
"The hallowed words of Shakespeare, Lennon-McCartney and Bob Dylan are trampled and tortured in Shatner's patented overripe acting style, turned up to eleven. Shatner's anguished cry of "Mr. Tambourine Man!!!!" at the end of that song is so unexpected and frightening, it would kill a strolling minstrel dead in his tracks."