Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today I'm staying home because I'm supposed to get 3 different package deliveries. It was some clever delivery coordinating on my part. And I'm doing work, but mostly looking out the window too frequently to make sure the fed-ex guy isn't sneaking up to my door to leave a "missed you" note before running away.

I went to a concert with Rachel last night. It was alright. I liked the first opening band the most, and Lemonheads fans are all so weird. They're old and they get really into the music and dance weird. The music is sort of between softrock and hardrock so the audience doesn't really know what to do. And some of the people are just plain weird. Anyway, it was a decent time. I didn't drink any alcohol, just had one extremely overpriced coke. And I think I managed to go the whole night without saying anything mean to Rachel.

Rachel: You're cornering the market on Kates from Colorado.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gunshots part 2

Regarding the last post: I am still alive. A off-duty cop got mugged and as the muggers were running off he started shooting at them. Then the muggers escaped in a "white car" and police are on the lookout. There was one black male with dreadlocks and one black male in a multi-colored shirt. Yep, that was the extent of the details provided by the offduy cop, which makes me think he was drunk at the time. I mean, even I could have given a better description than saying just a white car. So we've got a drunk cop shooting his gun in the middle of the street, just down the block from me. Awesome.

I was just thinking, it's pretty dark in space, right? I bet it's so dark, that the vast majority of the time you wouldn't even be able to see a space ship. Like in Star Trek, they always show the Enterprise and other ships maneuvering around space, but I think now that space doesn't have enough ambient light for you to see ships. It'd be like trying to see around at night when there's no moon out. All you'd see of another ship is a dark spot where it's blocking the starlight.

It's freezing cold in my apartment. Tomorrow I'm buying a space heater, we'll see if that helps. I hate being cold. Never again am I going to live in a cold apartment during the winter. This I vow. Maybe I should move south. It's getting up to 70 this week in Texas.

kate: I just don't want you to stress out about it.
me: Don't worry, I'm not stressing.
kate: Good.
me: I don't stress out very often.
kate: Yeah, that's because you don't have any emotions.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm feeling much more cheerful now, thanks for asking. My neighbor Whitney just knocked on my door to see if I was okay, "because of the gun shots." I was confused. What gunshots? You mean those fireworks? That's just kids being kids, and it wasn't even nearby. But no, she was certain it was guns and from just across the street, and she had already called 911.

Now (2 hours later) there's still a cop in a car sitting outside with the lights flashing. I'm not sure what he thinks he's doing there, maybe it's a show of force to deter any more violence. Maybe you'll read about my street in the paper tomorrow.

Quote pending.

Happy F***ing Tuesday.

Today I ran into the office 10 minutes after I was supposed to talk to an attorney on the phone. Oh well, he took it well. Sorta sad today. It was a great weekend of wandering around the mountains, but in the long run I think I'm going to regret it.

This is the opposite of the Christmas Spirit. I'm not going to see any of my family this Christmas. I saw them all a few months ago for an extended period in Hawaii and my sister's wedding, and Christmas was pretty much unanimously called off. All my sisters are visiting their spouses' families. I was thinking of going off with a friend for Christmas, but you know, the more I think about it the more uncomfortable that sounds. I barely like talking to my own family, how am I going to cope with someone else's family? It doesn't bother me, not seeing the family, but the fact that it doesn't bother me is starting to bother me. Maybe I have family issues I didn't know about. Mostly I'm just upset with girls, and, of course, myself.

Kate: dc seems like it has a lot of selfish people
(i'm about to conceed there are selfish people here, but they are also everywhere)
me: there are some selfish people in dc-
Kate: selfish people like you!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Illness and a poem

I've been sick for a while. Since like thursday last week. But I managed to briefly get out for a turkey frying at Eric's (which was fun) and a Brand New concert out in Baltimore with Rachel and Eric (which was okay). Probably the last time I'll see Brand New, the just get more and more pretentious and showey and less substantial with each tour. They didn't play a single song off their first album, and the lights were set to flash right in the eyes of the audience. I think the lead singer must have been having a bad hair day or something because they didn't once use lights from overhead. Oh well.

I'm watching a youtube clip from South Park, where they explain evolution (probably the funniest explaination of evolution I've ever heard) and one of the brilliant youtube users wrote a nice little poem in his comment. Is it a explaination of evolution? Refutation of evolution? Who can say, he left no other hints. There's something admirable in the poem's simplicity and lack of proper grammer at its conclusion, as though to say, "You are retarded." Not sure if the first line is a typo or intentional so I'm leaving it.

Rabbits look similar to squirrles
Rhinos look like hippos
Man looks like monkey