Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I went to visit Puja today and Sonya vomited everywhere. Apparently she was borderline sick and Puja thought about calling to warn me away but then decided against it. I probably wouldn't have believed her anyway. Puja got all flustered but Sonya was pretty happy, and it didn't really bother me because I was sitting on the one piece of furniture that she didn't puke on.

I watched most of the Lightning Thief, and I feel stupider for it. It is NOT like the first Harry Potter movie. It's more like a teenage boy's version of that movie where the teenage girl discovers that she's a princess. Can't remember it's title. They never explain why everyone is so certain that Percy stole the lightning. And the Athena's daughter girl was kinda cute, but Athena is Zeus's daughter, which makes Athena's daughter Percy's first cousin once removed. Sketchy.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some excerpt comics from Buttersafe:

What it means to be alive
Serving the queen
Morning inspiration

(commenting on a news article about prohibiting D&D in prisons because it encourages gang activity)
DarkUnderlord: I'd have thought the Dungeon Master of a D&D game in prison would be more likely of getting stabbed, rather than organising a stabbing. But hey, I guess that's why they've got experts on gang activity.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I did lots of errands downtown. Got my booster shot, finally, for Hep-A. I didn't ask the doctor about whether the fact that it'd been 13 months since the original shot made a difference, since you're supposed to get the booster after 6 months to a year. Hopefully I'm immune now. I'll make sure to ask him if I end up traveling again to somewhere with Hep-A.

I brought a whole bunch of change into Capitol One and used their change machine to exchange it. Ever since my days of having to use the local laundry mat I've kinda saved quarters in a little bag. Sometimes I use them to buy sodas from the vending machine in the basement but otherwise they just kinda sit there untouched. And I finally got around to exchanging them at the machine in the bank. It sifted through and counted them in about a minute. $106 worth. Woohoo! Maybe I'll buy some nicer beer tonight!

I tried to write a check from my capitol one account to my citibank account, and it got marked as "fraudulent" because my signature isn't the same as the signature on file from 6 years ago when I opened the account. So both banks freaked out because they thought I was laundering money or something. I had to make 2 trips to both Capitol One and Citibank (thankfully they're right next to each other downtown) to get everything cleared up. Yes, my signature is not now the same as it was 6 years ago. They could have called me to check on it, or they could have compared my signature to the previous check I wrote, or even looked at a few checks and seen how my signature has kinda evolved over time. The teller at Capitol One admitted that they could have done those things, but sometimes they just don't do their due diligence for some reason. He apologized, said it happened to him once with his rent check and he even works at the bank. If Capitol One wasn't so super convenient I'd switch banks. I have no loyalty.

(at the Three Moves Ahead DC meetup)
me: Is that a Kindle?
Josh: Yeah.
me: How do you like it?
Josh: It's great for reading print. If you read magazines you might want something else.
Troy: This might be a personal question-
Josh: Are you going to ask me whether I take it into the bathroom with me? Because I do.

(Oh, at the 3MA meetup I sat across from and talked to Jon Shaffer, lead designer of Civ 5. Kind of a big deal. Didn't really talk about anything too exciting though, Civ 5 wasn't my favorite game. He said they couldn't avoid the whole "it takes 50 years to explore the other side of the hill" aspect of the game. Eh, I don't believe that but I didn't want to argue with him. Said some other things "off the record" but nothing super juicy, I can't even remember any of it. He's working on revising Elemental's UI right now, he probably said some negative things about it's current UI.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm watching Love Actually, in honor of Valentines day. (Happy VD, everybody.) I have a love-hate relationship with this movie. There are a bunch of stories and they cover the whole spectrum for me. The storylines, as ordered by wikipedia:

Billy Mac & Manager: I really love this story. Billy Mac is a great character, he's like Jack Sparrow but more likable and more real. I love how he's sorta flapping his arms like a hippy when he's singing in the intro scene. As far as I know, Bill Nighy is always fantastic. And this storyline about maturing beyond the rockstar mentality and appreciating your friends warms my heart every time.

Juliet, Peter and Mark: Otherwise known as the weird third-wheel story. I'm not a big fan. The creepster friend likes his best friends' wife so much that he's awkward around her and does... weird stuff. Kiera Knightly is cute but too skinny, and she can't save this storyline. None of the characters are really fleshed out. I did enjoy, the first time I watched the movie, how it kinda tricks you into think the weird one is acting strange because he's gay for his friend. Because that might actually be kinda tragically touching. Instead you find out that he has an unhealthy fixation on his friend's wife. Let down. Maybe if we knew that he somehow knew Kiera Knightly from someone else. But you can't have your friend introduce you to his girlfriend and then decide they you're going to love her too. Or I guess you can, but you're an idiot.

Jamie and Aurélia: I didn't much like this storyline. Some male writer's wish-fulfillment fantasy of having a hot Portuguese maid fall into his arms despite his buffoonery. The end of the story is like something out of a broadway play or a fairytale. They don't even try to make it believable. The story also glosses over how discovering your brother fooling around with your wife will completely destroy a family. That would be a less-than-happy Christmas reunion.

Harry, Karen, and Mia: Kind of an interesting story, and well acted all around, but perhaps too abbreviated. It just isn't given enough time to drive home the drama. And what is up with that scene where Mr Bean takes 10 minutes gift wrapping the necklace while Alan Rickman is trying to rush him the whole time? Is that supposed to be funny? It was just oddly absurd.

David and Natalie: This story was okay, but also clearly a male writer's wish fulfillment of some kind. The young, single prime minister is awkward around women, and happens to have a hot, personable maid working in the white house (or the brit equivalent) who randomly confesses her love for the guy in a Christmas letter. The part about how the president's flirting with Natalie caused David to make a political stand against the USA was clever. But I'm not sure Hugh Grant makes a believable prime minister.

Daniel; Sam and Joanna: Liam Neeson is excellent, as he usually is. And I liked watching him try to connect with his step-son. The Sam and Joanna storyline was ridiculous. First, there's the random acrobatics in the airport at the end. They might as well have made the kid fly like superman. Also the kid looks like he's 12, and is in love with a girl who is 16. Plus she's American. Even if he plays the drums like a rockstar he doesn't have a chance, and that is how it's supposed to be. I'm sure half the guys in high school had crushes on hot senior girls when they were freshmen, and it never amounted to anything because freshmen boy don't really have anything to offer, um, anyone. The writers have stretched reality way too far. At least make the kid likable for some reason. Maybe he's super poetic or witty. Give me an excuse to believe he has a chance with a 16 year old rock star singer girl.

Sarah, Karl and Michael: Gah, this story was depressing. Girl has issues because her brother has serious issues, and you try to help her but you can't. Michael is essentially a non-character and his haircut was like something out of the 80s, and why doesn't he have a british accent?

Colin, Tony, Stacey, Jeannie, Carol-Anne, Harriet and Carla: What a random story to throw in there. It's like they threw in a surreal dream sequence where hot girls are falling out of the sky, but then at the end instead of waking up, the character says "I was awake the whole time!" Again, give me an excuse to believe this story. Milwalkee, Wisconsin? And that has to be the quietest bar I've ever seen. Who knew that's where the hotties go to slum it. It's like the writers went out of their way to make this storyline unbelievable. They could have just inserted this storyline as a cartoon, where all the girls are identical copies of Jessica Rabbit, and it would be equally believable.

John and Judy: Who is this? Oh, the stand ins. I guess a writer thought "wouldn't it be funny if people who are naked together every day for their job still feel awkward about making romantic overtures?" And it turns out that it really isn't that funny. I don't mind them adding boobs to the movie, but I could have easily done without this whole storyline. And then the movie might have been more successful with conservative people. I was at a college church group when they were discussing this movie. The review I got was "That movie is basically porn. I had to walk out." Later I discovered it was because these two characters mime sex as their job and we watch them trying to talk to each other while they do so. Anyway, a mostly boring subplot.

Rufus: Mr Bean. I'm not even going to comment on this non-storyline. Two appearances of a character does not a storyline make.

(comments about a torrent of The Room. No, I didn't download it, I own the dvd.)
djTeka: Thanks! Gonna check this out, thanks to Tim and Eric making me interested in this movie!
seanhart213: I definitely have breast cancer.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I started watching Boston Legal. It has some funny parts, but not as many as I'd like. Is James Spader really that good looking? He's not super witty, definitely not very nice to people, and every girl at that office is all over him. William Shatner is pretty funny and there are some absurdly funny moments.

I've also started season 2 of Breaking Bad. That show just gets better and better, I think because it's giving more screen time to the inept drug dealer kid. I'm not a big fan of all the marital drama.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kinda bored so looking through to see if there's anything interesting. There's a bunch of things, but I'm not really sure what interests me. I'm not an enthusiast about anything. There's lots of sports, scrabble, concerts, writers support groups, things like that. I guess any of it might be fun with friends, but with random people it could so, so easily be a mistake. Also:
-Tapes n' Tapes at Rock n Roll hotel. I have a bunch of Tapes n' Tapes here some reason, I'm not sure why I ended up getting it. I really enjoy a few of their songs and some of the others are kind boring. But I haven't been to any concerts in a while now. And I don't think I've ever been down to the Rock n Roll hotel. That's way out on H street.
-Microcontroller Mondays, where a bunch of dudes get together and talk about their microcontroller projects. Sounds sorta interesting, but odds are it would be a bunch of guys I don't want to listen to talking excitedly about their homemade dvr or robot. And I'm not working on any microcontroller based projects of my ask anyone about. I was not impressed by their homepage's video about a cupcake they mailed to another hacker club in Canada. Being geeky for its own sake is not something to celebrate. Button that down and rejoin normal society.
I will be attending the Three Moves Ahead meet up tomorrow afternoon. A bunch of people (i.e. pretty sure all guys) are going to talk about strategy video games over some beers down in chinatown. Since I like strategy games I'm going to see if they have any insights or anything interesting to say. If it all gets too nerdy I'll just my beer drink faster.

Oh, I watched the Town. It was really good. Surprisingly good. I was expecting to fall asleep because it was right after eating a big dinner. But instead it was pretty much interesting all the way through. It was Ben Affleck's first believable role since Good Will Hunting. I guess he's suited for playing the seedy hoodlum types.

(from 30 Rock, after Jack misses the secret emergency meeting)
Devon Banks: I tried to call you, but not on a phone, so you may not have heard me.