Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update, update, update. Let's see, it has been 13 days since my last update. It doesn't seem like all that long, but so much has happened. Since then I have achieved a year of age. We went to the six flags water park, which was lots of fun. It'll be sad when I'm so old that people think it odd for me to be water sliding. The six flags park is decent, but I wish there was a really good one nearby. Maybe someday I'll move to a city with a water park. There were some issues with the weather forecast causing me to change the day, which made it so a bunch of people couldn't make it, and then the weather was nice on the original day after all. It was a huge mess. If only the dc storms weren't so severe.

Umm, last weekend was Joe, Whitney's fiance's going away party. Because of threatening rain, we went to redrock pizza instead of having an outdoor bbq. I think I've grown disillusioned with redrock, they make a decent calzone, but the pizza isn't really to my taste. It was fairly fun though. Afterwards we had some drinks out infront of Joe's front stoop, which was much more fun.

Kate took me out to Good Stuff for my birthday. My burger was very good, and we saw the guy who was on tv. Though we didn't pull him aside and talk to him like Rachel did on her visit. Then we walked around the capitol on one of the nicest dc nights of the summer (weather-wise). Some symphony was even playing. It was all very romantic, just like I had planned.

Also last weekend, Kate and I went with Rachel and Peter out to Great Falls. I had never heard of it before, but apparently there are some pretty big waterfalls just outside of dc. It was a nice warm day, and we bought sandwich makings and picnicked out in the park before hiking around the falls. Then we briefly went swimming in courthouse, and then went out to see the new harry potter movie. Yes, it was a very busy day. I felt kinda bad for Peter. He didn't seem to feel like swimming (the pool water was very cold, I wouldn't have either), and then re-watching a movie he'd already seen probably wasn't his ideal evening. Anyway. The new harry potter movie is super good. So much better than the previous two movies. Rachel called it a "cute" movie, and I'd agree. But that's what makes the harry potter movies good! They spent more time in classes, Malfoy is back to his sneaking, and there's more young love. On the other hand I didn't like how they glossed over the "half-blood prince" aspect, and most of all, there was no Weasley face mauling at the end! The end battle was instead more of a assassination followed by the baddies sneaking out. Oh well.

Tomorrow I fly to san francisco. I'm going to see Eric, see san francisco, then go home and see a high school friend, and then see lots of family. I'm not bringing any work with me, and I'm looking forward to this whole thing.

I've been watching the next generation from the beginning of the series. So far I've made it to the third episode. The first episode has Miles O'Brien as the transporter engineer, but everyone calls him "Connor". Also in the first episode, which I had seen but it never occurred to me before, Q shows up and pretty much lectures "I've seen the original series, and I don't want this to be more of the same!" Then the next few episodes try to highlight Picard's preference for prudence and thoughtfulness over rash action. Some other things I've noticed: there is no galaxy where Tasha Yar would be considered attractive, and the first few episodes put too much emphasis on Weasly being so brilliant and earnest. Also they talk about the ferengi as though they're a super dangerous race, when really the Ferengi are a bunch of traders who only want money.

(Walking down the street with Giorgia and Kate late at night)
street man: Whatever you did to be accompanied by two such oscar-worthy ladies.. you keep that secret to yourself!
me: Umm. Okay.
Kate: You hear that Giorgia? Oscar-worthy.
Giorgia: Oh, I heard it. I don't know what that means, but I'll take it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I scored a 13 on this Asperger Test. I think I once wondered because I am not a very emotional guy, but apparently there's no AS here. Finally my inattention to detail is paying off! I can't imagine having a telephone conversation and wondering when it was "my turn" to speak. Sounds so awkward. I used to be so non-talkative that my mom had to explain to me that a conversation is like a game of catch: you have to throw the ball back. But I can't help but feel that if you're having a real conversation it is more than just a series of "turns to speak". Information is exchanged. For example, when I'm on the phone: if I have something to say then I'll say it, if I wonder what you have to say then I listen, and when I don't feel like doing either, I hang up. Just ask Kate what a smooth talker I am on the phone. So, so smooth.

(commentary about a editorial where a games reviewer complained about how 40 hour games are too long for adults with other commitments, as opposed to the teenagers with time to kill)
mondblut: Waah waah kids and wife don't give me enough time to play so games should bend to *my* restrictions. If he'll breed a couple more times and won't even have one hour to play, would he demand that games shouldn't be produced at all, since he can't play them anyway?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Up early because I got a text message at 5am this morning saying "Your data charges are very high. To minimize a costly bill & service interruption, please call AT&T 800-331-0500 or 611 from your wireless. AT&T Free Msg"

Thanks for the free message, AT&T. So I called customer support when they opened at 7am this morning, and I think I got someone who was either being interviewed or instructing the other support personnel on how to handle a caller or something because she started the call with a chipper "Thank you for calling AT&T this is Kelly and I will try to do my very best this morning to help you with anything I can!" And she was surprisingly helpful, though I don't think she was expecting my kind of problems this early in the morning.

Turns out AT&T wants to charge me $800 for two youtube videos I streamed yesterday, when I thought it was going through my wireless LAN. (It was reviews of StreetFighter 4 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, btw.) Or they want to strong arm me into signing up for a data plan.

She had a hard time following how the fact that I had remote desktop connected to my desktop through its local IP address earlier (and that the apparently worthless settings on windows mobile say that my data connection is disabled) made me think that this youtube application was streaming through my LAN. I told her I didn't want the data plan, so she backdated a cancel order on my data connection, and she thinks that will automatically cancel the charge. She said that if not, "they" are going to make me sign up for a dataplan which they can then definitely backdate. We'll see. I'm supposed to check back in a month.

Kate: I KNEW you were going to put that quote in your blog!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My supervisor is on vacation for the next week or two, so until then I have my old officemate as the person signing my work. I'm feeling pretty good about it because he's easy going and he and I get along well. Today I sent an interview summary to him, and clicked back probably 10 seconds later to find that he had already approved and submitted it. Interview summaries aren't a big deal at all, but I still found it kinda funny how quickly it was approved. I should get him one of those t-shirts: "The buck doesn't even slow down here."

I had a fun 4th of July weekend. I think it was the mildest 4th of July weather that I can remember since being in dc.

This week I'm gonna be a little busy catching up with work. But next weekend: Six Flags Water Park! Woohoo!

kate: so what you are saying is
kate: usually you are a jerk
kate: and today you decided not to be
kate: and surprise suprise
kate: they reacted well in return?