Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday, at Giant, Kate remarked to me that the organic brocoli looked exactly like the generic brand. An older black lady was picking out some brocoli and said something to the effect of "Yeah, they're the same, but don't worry because it's all good." And then I couldn't believe my ears. Kate told this black lady "I heard that." I pulled her aside immediately afterwards and gave her a little talk about the expressions you can and can't use infront of black people.

Saw this comic today. Kinda funny. Then, when surfing through other comics of the series I came across one that was extremely work in-appropriate. So don't make the same mistake I did. These few others are too amusing though.

(emailing with Dan after he skipped on meeting up with Sean and me at a bar. I told him that he missed out on a mostly-empty bar with a large group of drunk girls. While Sean and me aren't single, but it could have been Dan's night.)
Dan: Now you say a dozen drunk girls, but no mention of their hotness, so what does that tell us..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny article in the Washingtonpost about those expensive inaguration appartment rentals going untaken. Eric was trying to do that, but I'm not sure if he actually found a taker. And Lauren was telling me over Christmas that I should try to do it, but it really sounds like more work than it's worth. Sorta like playing the lottery, except this is more work with less payoff (though the odds are a little better).

I just told my officemate that I'm going to be going on work at home next week and he told me that I'd been a good officemate. I told him I was sorry if my laying out of office "rules" put us on a shakey start and he said not at all, that he'll do the same thing when he gets a new officemate. Then we cried a little and held each other. I haven't ever really had a terrible officemate. Josh slept most afternoons and was a horrible example of work ethic for a new employee, but he was friendly, entertaining to talk with, and pretty practical when you asked him questions. Loan argued on a phone a lot with her mother but she was fun to joke about, with her unusual english and she was amused when I would make proclaimations "as the man of the office". Grant has been really quiet, but in trying to set a good example I've stopped all naps in the office (sometimes at the cost of my ability to think), and he's fine when you talk to him, though we don't have much in common. Actually, looking back, I don't think I've ever had an issue with any coworkers in any of my jobs. Sometimes it pays being easy going.

Also I downloaded the new Street Fighter 2 HD remix for my ps3, and that game is insanely frustrating. I've never played a game that's made me want to break the controller this much (though I haven't broken anything yet, just done a lot of yelling at the tv).

(from a review of xbox game Space Giraffe, after the reviewer describes how a game series can either cater to the casual gamer, or take the "conceptual high ground.")
"In that scenario, you can all too easily end up with something like the Street Fighter or Virtua Fighter series, endlessly refined and tweaked for the benefit of insanely hardcore fans until you get a game so spectacularly impenetrable to unsuspecting newcomers that the instructions might as well be written in ancient Phoenician, full of absurd nonsense about "Z-ism" and reversed air counter-tackle returning stumble throw blocks, until normal people run away crying and you're left with an audience of about nine completely socially-dysfunctional autistic savants in Tokyo."

Monday, January 5, 2009

After seeing this headline in the news for a few days, I finally clicked on it to see if there were any hot example photos. Sadly, there are not.

Facebook makes a pretty good argument about how they don't allow nudity, whether it is obscene or not. And I don't mind if you want to breast-feed your kid, but why don't you do the rest of us a favor and put the camera away while you do so? Yikes.

If I was labeling blog entries, this one would be called Joe Vs. Dave. Dave and I have a 49% similarity on Netflix, which sounds like it means that if Dave likes a movie I'm actually more likely to dislike it than I would be otherwise. Dave's recommendation is really a disrecommendation to me. I find this pretty curious. Here are the movies that we've both rated, but disagree on the ratings by more than a single point. Actually, there aren't very many of them. Dave's score is the first column, my score is the second column.

4 2 Blow
3 5 Donnie Darko
5 3 Goodfellas
3 1 Hard Candy
2 4 Independence Day
4 2 Little Children
5 3 Little Miss Shine
5 3 One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest
5 3 The Royal Tenenbaums
5 3 When Harry Met Sally

Who has better taste? Clearly I do. To be fair, Dave has only rated a few dozen movies. The only times we've really disagreed about movies has been for Blow, Hard Candy, Independence Day, and Little Children, which one of us liked and the other didn't. All the rest of the movies we commonly liked or disliked, just to a different degree. Maybe I should have given When Harry Met Sally an extra point. (Or Independence Day one fewer point, but I saw it in Jr High and really enjoyed it then.) Now I'm going to queue up Solaris and hope that George Clooney's bare ass doesn't ruin it for me.

(walking around in the freezing cold wind)
kate: Hold on, I want to put on my hat.
me: I should have worn a hat too.
(kate gestures to my hooded sweatshirt)
kate: You should put your hood up!
me: I don't want to be one of those people who walk around with their hoods up.
kate: Why not?
me: It's not raining. I'll look silly.
kate: It will keep you warmer.
me: Everyone driving by will think I look ridiculous.
kate: I know if I was driving by, and I saw someone walking around in this weather who had a hood but wasn't wearing it, I'd think, (Kate slips into a deep voice with a southern accent) "That boy is a damn fool!"