Friday, February 27, 2009

This is my 100th post on here.

Eric is moving to San Francisco. I haven't seen the kid in a couple months, and in the past year or two haven't seen him very often at all, but there's something about his moving away I find quite depressing. First Dave, now Eric. I am now roommate free. Kate has pointed out that San Francisco is a great city to visit, and she's right. It's definitely a nicer visit than Kansas or Ohio, where I was thinking of moving a few years ago. Plus I have a few other friends who live in SF. Eric should like the weather out there, it's always slightly too cold.

I'm sampling the band These United States because they're linked from the Page France myspace page. I'm digging this song "Honor Among Thieves". Sadly, all their other songs on myspace are much softer. Not sure I'll get this album.

My desktop has caught some malware. When I open firefox it opens a large popup in IE advertising random software or software-related books on amazon. I was just searching for a flash tutorial on google, honest. And I downloaded a flash plugin without thinking about it much, maybe that was the problem. For now, I've routed IE through a fake proxy so that it can't connect, and disabled all my unknown firefox extensions. I'll reinstall the OS later when I have more time.

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Rachel said...

joe, you and i went to see these united states at the black cat like 2 years ago. We thought they were better recorded than they were live

joe said...

Did we? I remember being in the blackcat with you and deciding that the band was better recorded than live. I think I remember it being because their music was pretty hard though and so live it sounded too chaotic.

joe said...

Note: It sounds mean to not lament Rav's leaving for NYC last year, or point out that Ravi is still around dc. Both were good roommates, they've just both been more peripheral in my dc experience than eric and dave have been.

Rachel said...

we spend most of the time making fun of the band's wardrobe choice. good times at the black cat