Monday, July 6, 2009

My supervisor is on vacation for the next week or two, so until then I have my old officemate as the person signing my work. I'm feeling pretty good about it because he's easy going and he and I get along well. Today I sent an interview summary to him, and clicked back probably 10 seconds later to find that he had already approved and submitted it. Interview summaries aren't a big deal at all, but I still found it kinda funny how quickly it was approved. I should get him one of those t-shirts: "The buck doesn't even slow down here."

I had a fun 4th of July weekend. I think it was the mildest 4th of July weather that I can remember since being in dc.

This week I'm gonna be a little busy catching up with work. But next weekend: Six Flags Water Park! Woohoo!

kate: so what you are saying is
kate: usually you are a jerk
kate: and today you decided not to be
kate: and surprise suprise
kate: they reacted well in return?

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