Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just got a letter from my apartment building's management. My rent is going up $34 in December, which is the most they can legally raise my rent apparently. It's 2.05%, the 2% being management's maximum optional increase and .05% because of inflation. It's significantly, significantly less than I was worried about. And apparently they can't increase the rent more than once a year. Now staying here another year might be a viable option. It's a spacious, sunny, quiet apartment. Though in some ways a change would be nice because I've lived in DC for a long time, have no super close friends who live in the neighborhood, and memories of Kate W color all the local spots we used to go.

Kate R: Good luck with your promotion review! Maybe you'll make enough to stay in your rock-star apartment!


Rachel said...

wait...what? there is a limit how much they can raise the rent???? is this the same for VA???

joe said...

No idea about VA. In dc there's a rental housing act of 1985 that pretty strictly controls the rent. (I think that's why there were those scandals a few years ago about landlords who cut off utilities and refused to repair their buildings. They wanted the tenants to move out so they could convert to condos, but couldn't evict or raise the rent enough to kick everyone out).

According to a couple webpages, you're SOL in VA. Landlords have much more free rein out there.