Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've ordered a bunch of button-up shirts. I wear t-shirts pretty much every day, but lately I've noticed that I'm the only adult who does. Every other guy wears polo shirts or button up shirts daily. Rachel said it was okay because my t-shirts have personality, and Kate said I'm just a casual person. I like being casual. I remember that TV show though, "what not to wear" and they were always criticizing people for dressing like teenagers. And I have an awkward enough time trying to get a date as it is. So I'm growing up. For now anyway. I'm also getting a nicer jacket because my ski jackets don't really work with a button shirt. I'm hesitant about upgrading my shoes though. Formal shoes are so uncomfortable. I'm going to have to find some kind of nice-sneaker compromise there.

(from King of the Hill, the school board director talking to the principal after Bobby protests the vending machines)
Karl, I wish I didn't just see what I saw here. But I did see it. And more importantly, I was seen seeing it.

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