Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm eating a late dinner and rewatching that episode of Vampire Diaries where both the witch guys get killed. Puja told me that she was surprised that they killed off both characters so quickly, but for me it was like Christmas came early. Both of those characters were annoying. Now I'm mostly just really, really hoping that the brother will die. Ugh, that whiny brother. I've never been much of a bully, but he really provokes the bully-side of me. Every time he's on screen I wish I could punch him in the stomach and stuff him into a locker.

I'm not a huge fan of the girl witch either, but she's really more of a deus ex machina plot device than a person. It bugs me every time she says "my powers" as though she has a specific quantity of spells to work with. When really, she can make feathers float, do a vampire dog-whistle, make water catch fire, and whatever random thing they have the special-effects budget for. Instead she could call it "my magic" or "my reason". As in, reason for being a part of this show. Now she's dating the brother. Maybe they'll go driving together and get in an accident. Then we'd finally have a show free of annoying characters.

I'm surprised Elena, being a doppleganger and all, doesn't have a list of "powers". The girl in true blood can read thoughts and shoot white light. Maybe they'll reveal something later.

My final thought about VD: the wiki is almost unreadable (I was trying to look up the doppleganger powers). It's like a sixth grader wrote this thing. I'm really hoping this isn't because it's directly quoting dialogue from the tv show, but that's very possible.

(Paul Barnett talks about a Nokia presentation at a technology festival)
Nothing more frightening than realizing there’s groups of anthropologists in a room having bananas thrown to them and hooting and throwing leaves in the air who are coming up with how we should use telephones.

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