Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What is the name of the phenomenon of light bending as it travels from one medium to another? Answer: Refraction! There was a physics question at last night's trivia and I was all over it! Though I think Rachel knew the answer too. This makes up for me confusing Ohm's law and Ampere's law a few months ago.

It was a busy July and now it is a busy August. I went to Courtney's wedding in Texas and then Rachel's wedding in Cape Cod, then spent a week in Mississippi doing construction, and then a week in New Orleans relaxing. So, very briefly:

Courtney's wedding was a great time. I was at a ranch near Houston and then out in downtown Austin. I really like the Dickens side of my family and am happy to hang out with all of them. They're just so friendly! Maybe it's a fake southern hospitality thing, but I'll take it! I was originally just going to do a Thursday-Sunday trip but then extended it because Courtney has been living in London for the past few years and I haven't seen her at all. So after the wedding I stayed in Austin with Courtney and Phil, and a bunch of their friends. Staying in a downtown hotel and wandering the downtown Austin bars is almost like being in DC, except everyone there is very laidback and beers are 1/3 the price. Also we have no dueling pianos in DC.

Rachel's wedding was also fun, but more rushed than I would have preferred. I drove up with Puja and Sunjeev, and what was supposed to be a 8 hour drive turned into 12 hours, which is longer than any drive should be. So we arrived Friday night, got lunch and went swimming on Saturday, Rachel's wedding Saturday evening, and then we drove back on Sunday. It was busy. Driving with Puja and Sunjeev was fine (when Puja wasn't checking my alertness by asking me to explain the entire Rent storyline), but I really should have flown. And then I should have taken an extra day or two to relax on the cape. But I got a photo with me and Rachel when she was all decked out, which was all I really wanted, and I bought a drink for Diana, and I discovered that while I can dance just fine to club music while intoxicated, more alcohol will not enable me to hand jive or whatever to oldies songs. And there were a lot of oldies songs at this wedding.

I wish I'd taken more photos at both events. You see dozens of people everywhere taking photos and think it's unnecessary for you to take your own, but then it turns out that nobody wants to share their photos! Everyone is privacy-paranoid with their facebook photos.

The construction at Mississippi wasn't too exciting. I met some nice people, some people I didn't appreciate as much, and had a very stress-free week. Construction each day, and the Hearts card game and ice cream trips each night. It turns out that I really don't enjoy being both sweaty and covered with dirt/sawdust. The combination of the two is 10x worse than either being dirty or sweaty on its own. I guess that much like Jesus, my contribution to the world will not be by following a parent into carpentry. I am good at hearts though, especially when playing conservatively I can pretty consistently get the fewest points.

New Orleans was a lot more fun that I thought it would be. Alcohol is dirt cheap, everyone is eager to give you a to-go cup, and you can just walk around or even drive around while drinking. Also pretty much every meal had something surprisingly delicious. I'm not normally a food person but this was all great stuff! I had some fried oysters and actually enjoyed oysters for the first time. (Raw oysters are inedible.) On the downside, the weather is routinely hot and humid like the very worst days of DC summer, and it only gets hotter at night for some reason.

I'm going to be working hard this biweek. I'm hoping to meet up with Dave in NYC at the end of the month.

And I'm posting from my office so no quotes this time.


Rachel said...

1. Yay a new post!!!
2. I think its refraction actually. You agreed with me about that last night, so i'm just going to assume its a typo today.
3. we DO have dueling pianos at bobby mckey's at the national harbor. we can go if you like that kinda stuff
4. I want the photo of us!!!

joe said...

Oh, yes, refraction! I think a series of wikipedia articles led me astray somehow when I was looking it up later.

Bobby McKey's... dang that's far! Maybe some day. Actually I saw some dueling pianos in New Orleans also. The Austin one was better though just because the guy there did a pretty good impression of Sweet Child o' Mine. I need to rewatch Step Brothers.

I'll post photos on facebook in the next few days.

Rachel said...

There is also howl at the moon in Baltimore i forgot to mention for dueling piano bars. Was the one you went to in NOLA patty O'Briens? That place is a lot of fun, but I usually sit outside where you cant hear the piano

step brothers is hilarious. We re-watched it in OBX the other weekend, and I had forgotten how funny it is until then.

joe said...

Yep, the drinks in my photos say at Pat O'Brien's on them. Good guess! We picked up hurricanes, walked around a bit, and then came back to sit and watch the pianos.

Boo Baltimore. I was gonna suggest that someone should open up a dueling pianos in adams morgan but it would either get so full that you couldn't see/hear the pianos, or else there would always be a line to get in and a heavy cover.