Tuesday, December 6, 2011

If you look on amazon.com for Driver San Francisco for the ps3, apparently my review is the only negative one there. And game fans are hating it. Every few days I get an email from amazon saying there's been another angry comment on my review. It's keeping me mildly entertained.

I've sorta loss steam with this blog after watching a King of the Hill episode where Hank is forced to read an employee's exhaustive blog about every petty issue in her self-centered life. "It's no wonder she didn't get any work done!"


Rachel said...

1.Batman Arkham Asylum only got 2 stars? you are really a harsh grader.
2. Also, what did the reviewer say that was deleted by amazon in response to your comment on driver sf?
3. Personal foot heater? really?...ok now I kinda want one.

You should comment on more things, this is pretty entertaining. Make a blog: "thingsjoecommentson.blogspot.com"

The best part is the people who comment on your comment

joe said...

I call 'em like I see them :) I was really upset about an arkham asylum corrupted save when I wrote that. I wasn't sure whether to break the dvd over my knee or actually redo everything.

Amazon had deleted the comment before I even saw it, but according to my email it was "You review fits you well. Sony is ignorant so you follow in their steps and make a review of their service and NOT THE PRODUCT. Your an idiot."

The personal foot heater is nice if your feet get cold. I got my mom a similar one for christmas last year. Joe recommends it!