Thursday, November 1, 2007

computer issues

I got my new computer yesterday but it does not work. It's probably my fault. First, I'm not sure if my old power supply is powerful enough. I bought the thing like 3 years ago and have no idea what it's wattage is. Second, I'm using a 20-pin power supply for a 24-pin power plug. I read on the internet that it should work so long as you line up the right pins, but who knows. And finally, I manually adapted a special super-quiet cpu fan I bought so that it works on this cpu socket that is wasn't designed for. The whole operation involved shaving plastic off the cpu mounting socket with a pen knife and putting a piece of sponge in as extra material to press the fan down on the processor. It's kinda shady. Now the computer powers up, as far as I can tell anyway, but nothing displays on the screen. I should plug in a harddrive and see if it tries to access it. Also I think I'm going to pick up a better power supply after work today at best buy. I wish there was a better computer store in the area but there isn't. Oh well, I'll figure it all out eventually.

Listening to Warp 11. They're not a very popular band, but I like them. They imitate other bands' musical styles and only write songs about star trek. Star trek mixed with sex, in every conceivable way. They're constantly mentioning Kirk's alien-girl fetish, weird borg sex with Seven-of-Nine (and through her, the whole borg collective), holodeck porn, and my favorite: "Prime Directive's gonna make my dick explode." Classy stuff, that's why I like it.

(from a "Dungeons & Dragons" movie review)
"Irons here jumps from crazed overacting to the ultimate overacting experience of a lifetime. If overacting as a villain was a fuel, Jeremy Irons would have just powered the entire planet from now until the end of time. He goes beserko! "

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