Monday, November 19, 2007

Professional Bowler Right Here

Just looking at the old playstation game "Tactics Ogre" on Amazon. The game was released in 1995, but the cheapest used copy of the game for sale is $70. And the cheapest new copy.. $350. Rediculous. Well, I just sold my playstation 2 anyway, and I'm not getting a playstation 3 until the new Tekken comes out. In the mean time I guess I'll do something more productive than play strategy games.

I went bowling for Eric's birthday Saturday and I beat Eric, Dave, John Sawyko, and Jon Reiling. Usually Eric does a little better than me, but not this time. I think it's because the other guys have been dabbling in that bowling with the little mini-ball and pins and it's thrown off their game. I got like 135 the first game, and 160 the second game, which put me about 5 points ahead of Eric each time (Eric came in second on both games). Oh, there's another possibility. Eric threw a strike as the very first throw of the first game, but Jon had forgotten to hit the "start bowling" button so it didn't get counted. And Eric was pissed and had to re-throw and ended up getting like 7 for that frame. It was pretty humerous but nobody laughed too loudly because Eric felt robbed. That bad start might have thrown him off for the rest of the night.

Also last weekend there was a dinner at Dave's and he cooked up this stuff called "Leche de la tigre" (Tiger's milk). It's some drink with egg, milk, sugar, and rum, and was really good. Well, the first cup was good, after that it started to make me feel sick. After the dinner we went to a sort of pretentious party at Dave's neighbor's place, and I had some Coors to settle my stomach. Despite Liza's opinions otherwise, there were no hot girls at this party. Saturday there was a party at Val's place way out in northeast dc. It was a good time, though kinda quiet, as parties go. We ended up getting a rid back from some sketchy girls with Eric's friend Jason, who I detest but managed to not yell at through the whole car trip.

Did you know that if there was a hole through the center of the earth, from here to China, it'd take more than 21 hours of free-fall to reach the other side. That's if you're shooting through with your arms tucked to go as fast as possible. It could take more like 70 hours if you have your arms out to catch the wind. That movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is absolutely incorrect, and there's no way you could walk that far in your lifetime. These are the troubling things that occupy my thoughts at work on Monday. (Obviously the heat from the earth's core will probably burn you up before you make it though. And the reversal of gravity after you pass the center would mean you'd only make it a couple miles beyond the center before reversing direction and falling back toward the middle again. I'm not sure whether you'd be weightless or what when you're actually in the center there. You might feel 1/2 gravity in each direction, sort of tugging at all sides, which would be strange.)

(from a column by videogame writer Jeff Vogel)
I play a lot of World of Warcraft - like everyone else on the planet. The other week, for the first time, I bought some gold. That's right. I spent some of my real, actual money for imaginary gold. It felt so good.

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