Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Had to wait 2 hours yesterday while my ps3 downloaded and installed a system update. First of all, I'm worried about the frequency of these updates. I just updated the ps3 last week, and it took 2 hours then also. Is this going to be a weekly event? I sure hope not. Secondly, why does it take so long? My computer can download an install an update in one tenth the time! The ps3 has some kind of bandwidth overhead issues. And third annoying thing: after running and installing the update they give the little notice about what features were updated. And the only feature listed with this one was the Sony Store. They updated the online store interface. Awesome. I couldn't play tekken online because my sony store wasn't quite up to date.

My sunburned face is peeling. I look like a lizard man.

(Comparing the "factory" star forge from KotOR and the Death Star)
"I feel that a factory is a better use for a giant space station then a super laser that destroys planets (seriously, what was the Emperor thinking when he heard Tarkins idea for that?). Seriously, what strategic value would the Death Star have? Now compare that to the value of an ever growing fleet that can still destroy a planet if it feels the need too. Oh and the Star Forge wasn't destroyed by 2 hits to a two meters wide hole. Oh and the Star Forge uses the force, something the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to."


Rachel said...

I had the same thing happen on my Wii, although it did draw my attention to the store which I had never really used before, and have since bought old school kirby to play on my Wii! I wish you had a Wii too so we could connect and play smash brothers together.

joe said...

i'll get a wii when I see one going for the MSPR. I don't know about smash brother, but maybe the new star wars will let us have lightsaber fights online.

Rachel said...

I bought my wii for the correct price off someone in my building :). I know zelda lets you hold a wand, so i dont know why star wars wouldnt let you have a light saber fight :)