Monday, January 5, 2009

After seeing this headline in the news for a few days, I finally clicked on it to see if there were any hot example photos. Sadly, there are not.

Facebook makes a pretty good argument about how they don't allow nudity, whether it is obscene or not. And I don't mind if you want to breast-feed your kid, but why don't you do the rest of us a favor and put the camera away while you do so? Yikes.

If I was labeling blog entries, this one would be called Joe Vs. Dave. Dave and I have a 49% similarity on Netflix, which sounds like it means that if Dave likes a movie I'm actually more likely to dislike it than I would be otherwise. Dave's recommendation is really a disrecommendation to me. I find this pretty curious. Here are the movies that we've both rated, but disagree on the ratings by more than a single point. Actually, there aren't very many of them. Dave's score is the first column, my score is the second column.

4 2 Blow
3 5 Donnie Darko
5 3 Goodfellas
3 1 Hard Candy
2 4 Independence Day
4 2 Little Children
5 3 Little Miss Shine
5 3 One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest
5 3 The Royal Tenenbaums
5 3 When Harry Met Sally

Who has better taste? Clearly I do. To be fair, Dave has only rated a few dozen movies. The only times we've really disagreed about movies has been for Blow, Hard Candy, Independence Day, and Little Children, which one of us liked and the other didn't. All the rest of the movies we commonly liked or disliked, just to a different degree. Maybe I should have given When Harry Met Sally an extra point. (Or Independence Day one fewer point, but I saw it in Jr High and really enjoyed it then.) Now I'm going to queue up Solaris and hope that George Clooney's bare ass doesn't ruin it for me.

(walking around in the freezing cold wind)
kate: Hold on, I want to put on my hat.
me: I should have worn a hat too.
(kate gestures to my hooded sweatshirt)
kate: You should put your hood up!
me: I don't want to be one of those people who walk around with their hoods up.
kate: Why not?
me: It's not raining. I'll look silly.
kate: It will keep you warmer.
me: Everyone driving by will think I look ridiculous.
kate: I know if I was driving by, and I saw someone walking around in this weather who had a hood but wasn't wearing it, I'd think, (Kate slips into a deep voice with a southern accent) "That boy is a damn fool!"


Rachel said...

dave has better movie taste than you

joe said...

Blah. I have the BEST taste.