Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was going to write up this big long post about an argument I had today on my stairs with a lady, but then it got too long so here's the abriged version: I walked back from the grocery store to find a lady in the act of stealing a delivery package from my front steps. She was doing this weird thing where she picked up the package and knocked on the front door, and then as I approached she tried to tell me that it had been delivered to her house (though I had spotted the package waiting on our porch about an hour earlier when was I heading off to Giant) and she was just trying to get it to the rightful owner. Then she tried to take off with the package ("I'll just bring it back later") but I stopped her and insisted that she leave it with me instead.

Thieves these days are so pushy. On the upside she said "you have a blessed day" when she gave it to me. And I am feeling better today (the past two days I've been sick). Now I just have to get an impossible amount of work done before Monday.

(Friday is Emoc- Banjolina Jolie's last performance before Eric moves and, coincidentally, Kate's brother Daniel is visiting this weekend)
me: btw, if you and daniel are looking for something to do on friday night.. i heard there's supposed to be a pretty good band playing at solly's
kate: by pretty good do you mean not so good but your friend's in the band?