Friday, May 1, 2009

I finished watching Band of Brothers last night. It's a pretty good series. I think it could have been better if they had strayed a little further from the facts. That's the trouble with movies that are based on true stories: they're never as exciting as they could be. In this case there were too many characters (like a dozen), and even though each had unique moments, none of them were very distinctive beyond that moment. You've got one guy who ends up behind enemy lines, a guy has a brief psychological crisis, one guy has a doomed romance. The problem is, beyond their distinguishing episode, each guy is just a regular guy at all other times. Maybe that's how reality is, guys are generally just regular guys, but I prefer my tv to make them more interesting somehow. Heck, beyond Captain Winters and Captain Spiers, I never even figured out what any of the characters' names were. You can tell the show is based off memiors, and they just filmed the "best of" of the memiores. But I wish they'd gotten a writer in there to combine some of the characters (though it would kinda suck to be an old WWII veteran and find out that you have been combined with several other people to make a documentary more interesting), and make some of them more defined. There weren't any real character flaws to be found. Not like in Rome, where they added heavy creative license to the historical figures, and everyone is much more interesting.

Dan deleted 50 of his facebook friends but I survived! I just checked. I think I only ever deleted one facebook friend. It was this blond girl who was Lem's friend. She took a bunch of photos at some bar, one of which was a photo of her and Lem, and if you looked closely at the mirror in the photo, you could dimmly see Eric's and my reflections watching like stalkers. I thought it was funny and tagged both of us. Then she friended me, and I got way too many status and photo updates, and I unfriended her. Nothing of value was lost.

(at a house party, talking to Dave when Eric wanders up mid-conversation)
Me: We were just talking about how long we'd survive if it got a degree hotter each day.
Dave: It's 80 degrees this week, then if it was 87 degrees next week, and another 7 degrees hotter the week after that.
Me: I'm built for the heat. I'd out last everyone.
Eric: On the third week I'd kill myself.

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