Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last weekend Kate and I went to the national zoo. It was pretty warm, like 85 degrees, and the zoo was packed with people. We saw some funny looking birds, a panda lying on its back feasting on a pile of bamboo it had collected onto its stomach and a gigantic komodo dragon. I think Eric, Dave and I went to the zoo freshman year and it wasn't nearly as lively. On that visit it was pretty much empty and the animals seemed pretty miserable.

We also went to El Tamarindo last weekend (thought not that same day, because the zoo was exhausting). I wish I could make mojitos like they do at there. We've tried the mango, strawberry, and peach mojitos and they've all been excellent. Don't get the "regular" flavor, that one's no good. But somehow the fruity ones are delicious and pretty well spiked. And the half-pitcher (which is like 4 glasses) is still just about $7. The food on that visit was just okay. I wish I could remember what I ordered the first time I ate there. I have a good feeling about the place, as though my first meal there was great.

Today was 89 degrees. And tomorrow's high is 65 degrees. Surprisingly, the temperature high for tomorrow is at 6am. It's going to get colder and colder through the day. And it's going to rain. I bought groceries today so maybe I won't go outside at all.

I wanted to watch Pulp Fiction today, but after looking through a lot of boxes it seem that I left that DVD at my parents house. Bummer.

(about Mysteries of Westgate being released with a 3-install limiting DRM with remote activation)
Raygereio: Sorry Ossian Studios; I really liked what I saw in the previews, but in a couple of years from now I still would like to be able to install and play your adventure pack without having to sacrifice a couple of chickens to Asmodeus so that he'll make sure Atari keeps the servers needed for online activation going for an indefinite amount of time

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