Thursday, October 29, 2009

I went to Whitney's wedding in Alabama last weekend. I'd never been to Alabama but it seems like a nice state. The weather was a little cool (and the morning we left was moderately foggy), but pretty nice for October and the people all seemed very friendly. Wedding weekends are always pretty busy so we didn't have much time to look around. Hmmm, specifics... There wasn't any dancing, because I think Whitney isn't big on dancing, but it was more of a standard house-party reception. It would have been great because I love parties, except I was holding back on the drinking because I had to drive, and there were all these adults everywhere and other people whose names I was having trouble remembering. Actually, I guess I'm an adult now. Or close to an adult anyway. Anyway, it was lots of fun. I wish I saw Whitney and Courtney and my sister and those people more often, but we all live in very different places. There are lots of people I wish I saw more often.. but I think I alternate between being too busy, and then awkward, and then annoying. Oh well.

Tonight is way too cold to be playing kickball, but we're going to suffer through it anyway. Probably a loss because our team kinda sucks. Not that I'm any better, I'm probably dragging our team down. I play the outfield and if a fly ball gets kicked to me I probably won't catch it. I have a hard time telling whether the ball is going to be behind me or infront of me when it's way up in the air. I'd probably be better infield, but we already have a bunch of infielders. If we just skipped right to the drinking it would be fine with me.

Oh, I worked out again Monday, and I'm going to tomorrow also. Eventually I'm hoping to get on a monday, wednesday, friday schedule, but yesterday I was busy with some time-sensitive work. So far I'm not really any stronger, surprise surprise.

Yesterday I watched the Watchmen on blu-ray. I think the combination of my mediocre eyes and my moderately sized tv don't do the blu-ray justice. I can't see the difference between the high and standard definition video unless I'm wearing my glasses (which I avoid doing as much as possible because I look nerdy). Kate said it wouldn't bother her if I got a bigger tv, but the problem is that my current tv is so portable and convenient for whenever I move, which seems pretty often. Maybe one of these thinner LED lit tvs is what I need. I should stop in at best buy sometime and see if 55" is really a noticable change over 43". BTW, I still think Rorschach wouldn't have really been that uncompromising in the end of the movie. (Actually I had here a paragraph devoted to explaining why Rorschach shouldn't have been in a dilema at the end of the movie, but it was too long and you wouldn't want to read it. Also it depends on the character being consistent on his chosen set of moral rules, and Rorschach clearly had other issues. I think my big issue is that in an interview Alan Moore said that he didn't know what was going to happen to Rorschach until he had written the bulk of the story, and then he found that the ending was a necessary result from the character he had created. BS.)

(from article about Alan Grayson)
Saying that he has trouble listening to the former vice-president speak "because of the blood that drips from his teeth," Grayson went on to accuse Cheney of projecting hatred toward the president because he "doesn't shoot old men in the face."

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