Monday, November 2, 2009

(wrote this last night but forgot to publish it)
Tonight Kate's friend Rachel invited us out to the noodles & co. in Silver Spring. She scored a free samplers dinner because her last visit had all kinds of problems and she complained to the corporate headquarters. We got regular sizes of every dish on the menu. There were 6 of us, but still it was too much food. There were probably more than a dozen different dishes. I think I liked 3 or 4 of them, two I didn't try, and the rest were alright. No longer do I have to play the ugly american and resort to mac and cheese when we go there!

Yesterday was halloween. I dressed as Mystery from the pickup artist. I had a crazy feathery hat, a black shirt, black boa, black fingernails, pirate jewelry, and quiditch goggles. I'm sure there are pictures somewhere. I think I looked like a pretty accurate Mystery. Kate was a witch and there was a fun pre-party at kate's place with some delicious snacks, and then we went to a party out in crystal city. The party was a good hike from the metro, the weather was pretty miserable, and everyone at the party was smoking. But it was fun for a while. I didn't get any trick or treaters this year- I'm eating this bag of reeses by myself.

In other news VA wants more money from me! I never got my 2007 tax return from them, which was supposed to be substantial because I only lived there for 3 months of 2007 but my work deducted taxes for all 12 months. I had thought they were going to pay me back $2500, and instead I've gotten a bill saying I owe $500 more! That's $450 from April plus $50 interest. (April last year? Man, VA is slow. It's like they bought some computer software so decided to fire 90% of their paper application handlers.) I've got all my papers here though and I'm going to call the tax office tomorrow to figure this out. Gar!

(about the Dragon Age character creation program, released before the game as a preview. It has very high pc system requirements)
Cojones: I thought it would be an application allow you to mess a bit with stats, not a character dressing program that you won't be able to use on a PC capable of running any computer game. Quad/Triple Core? 4 GB RAM? WTF!?
Slenkar: a character generation program usually displays one mesh for the character or maybe a few meshes for clothes. These sys requirements are crazy.
Slenkar: is anyone here capable of running it?
Emotional Vampire: I fail the CPU req
Emotional Vampire: Christ, what the f*** you need QUAD CORE for? I am just displaying 3D model, not finding a cure for f***ing cancer

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wow the sampler dinner sounds AWESOME