Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Samsung has decided that my wireless receiver might be defective and they want me to send it in. The only problem is that they want me to send in the whole system so that they can verify there aren't any other problems. (That was their reasoning anyway.) This thing has the 5.1 speakers, a wireless receiver, and a A/V receiver. Each item has a couple pieces of styrofoam that fit around it and everything fits together snugly into a large box. It's like a 3-d tetris problem and I'm worried that this puzzle is smarter than me.

I've been reading some SMBC comics. Maybe I'll change the link on the left, because XKCD has sucked for a while, but XKCDsucks doesn't update very often and their criticisms are recently uninteresting. Here are a few good ones.

My trip to Vietnam is coming up and I'm undecided as to whether I should buy a new camera or just bring this old one I bought like 3 years ago from Eric. It takes decent photos in good lighting.

Finally, my credit card has been screwing up recently. On the 16th or something I scheduled an electronic payment from my checking account. Then I checked back on the night of the 19th, the day the payment was due, and no payment had shown up. I was pissed at myself, thinking maybe I had imagined or dreamed the first payment, so I then scheduled another payment. A couple days later I looked at my credit card account and the payment had been made twice, once on the 19th and once of the 20th, so now I had a large credit balance on the card. I emailed the credit card company, explaining what happened and asking that they put the money back in my checking account because I only intended to pay the bill once, and in response they charged my account a third time! Now I have a $39 bank fee for overdrawing my checking account, and $35 credit card fee for having a payment returned. I suppose I should have called them in the first place instead of emailing. I made the mistake of thinking that someone literate was going to receive and act on my email.

(from a stocks forum thread: "Is this seriously one of the board members!??!)
getty222: I am being dead serious. I looked at the board member profiles from the starbulk website and saw that Milena Pappas was one of them. Her profile says she graduated from Cornell in 2005. I googled her name to find out more since this seemed very young to be on a company board, and found this: [facebook link]
getty222: This is who is running our comapny?!?!
handsomerob: So they put a club fisting family member on the board, which is only so they can persuade her vote in its favor? As long as they make money (which they have a strong position to do) who gives a rat’s rear.
goodeal4u20: Get over it, you would hire your family if you owned 12 ships
mkesk2001: Board of Directors should be filled with old men or women with tons of experience. Not someone playing with their iphone during meetings trying to find out where happy hour is gonna be that night.
mkesk2001: Is she the one with her tongue out or the other one?
getty222: I see our party girl has changed her profile picture. Now she's kissing some other girl.
bakerkevin: she's hot. Friending her now.


Rachel said...

buy a new camera!!!! that's always the answer :) I'm in the market for some new lenses, we can go camera shopping together if you want! I'm pretty sad that real camera stores don't exist anymore though :( guess we'll have to go to best buy (or you could get a good price at costco)

joe said...

I'm happy to shop with you sometime, but it seems like internet shopping is the way to go for both cameras and lenses. More efficient and cheaper.

joe said...

somehow this particular blog entry has turned into a magnet for anonymous commenters' spam. This is like the fourth spam comment now.