Saturday, January 9, 2010

Watched a bit of the show trueblood, because it's on on-demand this month. Terrible show, but I still watched most of the season. The whole "prejudice against vampires" theme is a stretch, and it only sorta works because almost every character on the show is a moron. The dialogue would be so terrible at times that I'd pick up the remote and start fast forwarding through the scene, and then other times it would be hilarious. I was always entertained watching Jason be shallow and ignorant, Layfayette was usually pretty interesting, and his cousin (I forgot her name) occasionally had witty retorts. But the characters of Bill, Sam and Sookie all sound like they've been written by teenagers. Pretty much every line is terrible, and when they're the only characters in a scene it's almost like my cue to fast forward. It's not like you'll really miss anything, the plot moves at a snail's pace. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think it's because the dialogue used for those three characters is straight from the Southern Vampire books, which apparently are not very well written. And is Sookie a real southern name? If I hadn't once shared a house with a southern girl named Jaslyn I wouldn't have believed it.

I got a new tv today. Kate made a cruel joke about my tv being inadequate so I went and got a new one. (That's not really what happened.) My last tv was hd, but for some reason this one makes everything stick out in a way that the old one didn't. TV shows no longer have the same atmosphere, it's like a bunch of actors are sitting around and rehearsing their lines. Blu-rays are better, but still have that same effect to a lesser degree. The sound on this tv kinda sucks, so maybe that's related because it's muffling the music more than it should I think. I'll mess with it a little more sometime and see if I can bring back the atmosphere.

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