Monday, February 22, 2010

I saw Hurt Locker with Kate, Matt and Lisa. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There was lots of tense situations, sorta like how the movie The Rock starts out with Nicholas Cage trying to defuse a bomb while its spewing gas and everyone is yelling at each other. Good stuff, that was one of my favorite scenes in the Rock. Kate doesn't like tense movies so she didn't like Hurt Locker as much as me.

I'm not a fan of E-street cinemas. I show up to see a movie and instead there's some movie nerd in front before the show all giddy and babbling about his movie club. When he's done you have to sit through a bunch of advertisements with the lights off, as though it's part of the movie, and then there are all the documentary previews because Hurt Locker is sorta written like a documentary. Documentary previews are damn boring though, especially when the film isn't in English so there's no talking during the preview. Just lots of weird camera angles and actors looking at each other passionately.

I also went to Puja's baby shower with Rachel. We played some baby bingo and trivia (I didn't win either), and ate Indian food. It was a pretty good time, even though I was super tired from staying up too late.

Oh, I got a email response from United airlines, but I'll post about that next time, because it's long.

(user review of the game X-Blades)
BEWARE! This game is horrible! The story line is non existent, the voice acting is worse than hentai and the battle system is a flawed button masher that leaves no room for any skill and it doesn't even have any satisfying combos. Stay away and for the love of god do not give as a gift.

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Rachel said...

1. You knew that Pink use to be the baby color for boys! so you knew some baby trivia :)

2. peter just bought hurt locker on blu ray and has been trying to convince me to watch it. I dont think I will though.