Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today I did lots of errands downtown. Got my booster shot, finally, for Hep-A. I didn't ask the doctor about whether the fact that it'd been 13 months since the original shot made a difference, since you're supposed to get the booster after 6 months to a year. Hopefully I'm immune now. I'll make sure to ask him if I end up traveling again to somewhere with Hep-A.

I brought a whole bunch of change into Capitol One and used their change machine to exchange it. Ever since my days of having to use the local laundry mat I've kinda saved quarters in a little bag. Sometimes I use them to buy sodas from the vending machine in the basement but otherwise they just kinda sit there untouched. And I finally got around to exchanging them at the machine in the bank. It sifted through and counted them in about a minute. $106 worth. Woohoo! Maybe I'll buy some nicer beer tonight!

I tried to write a check from my capitol one account to my citibank account, and it got marked as "fraudulent" because my signature isn't the same as the signature on file from 6 years ago when I opened the account. So both banks freaked out because they thought I was laundering money or something. I had to make 2 trips to both Capitol One and Citibank (thankfully they're right next to each other downtown) to get everything cleared up. Yes, my signature is not now the same as it was 6 years ago. They could have called me to check on it, or they could have compared my signature to the previous check I wrote, or even looked at a few checks and seen how my signature has kinda evolved over time. The teller at Capitol One admitted that they could have done those things, but sometimes they just don't do their due diligence for some reason. He apologized, said it happened to him once with his rent check and he even works at the bank. If Capitol One wasn't so super convenient I'd switch banks. I have no loyalty.

(at the Three Moves Ahead DC meetup)
me: Is that a Kindle?
Josh: Yeah.
me: How do you like it?
Josh: It's great for reading print. If you read magazines you might want something else.
Troy: This might be a personal question-
Josh: Are you going to ask me whether I take it into the bathroom with me? Because I do.

(Oh, at the 3MA meetup I sat across from and talked to Jon Shaffer, lead designer of Civ 5. Kind of a big deal. Didn't really talk about anything too exciting though, Civ 5 wasn't my favorite game. He said they couldn't avoid the whole "it takes 50 years to explore the other side of the hill" aspect of the game. Eh, I don't believe that but I didn't want to argue with him. Said some other things "off the record" but nothing super juicy, I can't even remember any of it. He's working on revising Elemental's UI right now, he probably said some negative things about it's current UI.)

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