Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At Starbucks this morning both the guy infront of me in line and the guy behind me in line ordered "the usual." My sister Irene used to work for a Starbucks and said that some customers get angry if they come in regularly and you don't remember their drink. But I feel the opposite. I want impersonal service. What starts with them remembering your coffee drink eventually turns into buddy-chats when you stop in. It always happens.

I actually avoid the closer Starbucks because the girl there always asks about my work and weekend plans and I have to be nice to her. It's a hassle. I don't care about her weekend plans; she probably doesn't care about mine. Let's stop pretending already. I should just be real for a change one day. "We're not friends. Just make me a mocha, coffee wench! Please. Thank you." (One should always remember his pleases and thank yous.) But if I said that someone would probably spit in my drink. There's no winning.

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Rachel said...

The starbucks near me knows my order and I hate it. I walk in and sometimes they even have it made already! What if i wanted something different? i'd feel too bad to say otherwise. Same goes for my coworker who sometimes wants a Tall but they have a grande waiting for him!