Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Watching more Hoarders on tv. They say it's a sentimentality about these random things, and I can kinda understand that. Sometimes I feel irrational about getting rid of things like birthday cards or ill-fitting clothes. These people on the show always seem like they're mostly stable people, and their one vice is hoarding junk. So it's like me, but a little more extreme about feeling bad about tossing things.

The one thing I don't get is how you go from hording stacks of junk to storing jars of urine in the corner of the room. Okay, so the water was shut off. But don't you start making phone calls when the water gets shut off? You get the water back on. Urinating into a bottle would not be something I'd even consider. And then storing the urine? This sounds questionable now that I'm saying it, but why not pour the urine down the drain? I know, I know, different pipes go different places. But it's gotta be preferable to storing the stuff in a bottle on the floor.

These's some hidden element to this disorder that I haven't figured out yet. I need to watch a few more episodes and then I'll be an expert.

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