Sunday, April 22, 2012

I don't normally talk about work on here but I'm making an exception.  I'm writing two appeals today.  I believe the current backlog of BPAI appeals is 25,000 cases.  In 2006, with a 1500 case backlog, it took 2 years for my first appeal to get a panel response.  Now I have 3 appeals pending, am in the process of writing 2 more, and it's looking like they won't come back until after I'm retired.  It's a bummer because appeals get my best writing and most persuasive rhetoric (I like to picture myself storming up and down the courtroom while dramatically lecturing everyone about the differences between this and that), but nobody has time to fully appreciate them.

Also, this is entertaining:

I just read some other blog where the guy was upset about how short his recent response from the panel was. He thought they were lazy.  Well, I hope they're getting more efficient than they used to be.  We need to get through these cases.  Except mine, take the time to read through mine.  And double-except if they decide I'm wrong.  I want reasons!

Also I've been watching DS9.  I have a very large text file of how much I hate almost every episode, but I'm reconsidering posting it here.  Nerd anger isn't something that's new to the Internet.

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