Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I tried to watch Death of a Salesman today (the 1985 Dustin Hoffman and John Malcovich version). I think that movies have a more careful pacing that this play-turned-movie lacks. This play is just constant bickering and yelling and crying, followed by sad reminiscing and then more yelling. Highly emotional stuff, and I lasted about 45 minutes. If it had been written as a movie they'd insert scenes of light humor or sometime to give you a little breathing room. There's something to be said about dozens of people reviewing a movie script before it's made.

I also saw My Week with Marilyn and quite liked it. It's not especially dramatic or funny (though it has some funny parts when Laurence Olivier is frustrated); in fact it's not really strongly evocative in any way, which is one of my usual criticisms when I decide that a movie is mediocre. But it has the Love Actually angle where unspectacular guys somehow romance hot girls, and it has sort of a tragic fantasy aspect, like the 2003 Peter Pan, due to Marylin's perpetual unhappiness and the fact that Marylin is only in England briefly during the filming (and she's married). Anyway I enjoyed it. Hermoine Granger makes a small appearance as the girl who can't compete with even Marylin's friendship. She does alright.

I think the stars are sufficiently aligned tonight that I may go to the gym.

(on the phone with an inventor whose response is very overdue)
me: Did you intend to respond to the rejection sent in September?
Inventor (he's already borderline upset): I suppose you wanted me to read what you sent and then figure out some kind of response!?!
me: Um... yes?

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