Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gunshots part 2

Regarding the last post: I am still alive. A off-duty cop got mugged and as the muggers were running off he started shooting at them. Then the muggers escaped in a "white car" and police are on the lookout. There was one black male with dreadlocks and one black male in a multi-colored shirt. Yep, that was the extent of the details provided by the offduy cop, which makes me think he was drunk at the time. I mean, even I could have given a better description than saying just a white car. So we've got a drunk cop shooting his gun in the middle of the street, just down the block from me. Awesome.

I was just thinking, it's pretty dark in space, right? I bet it's so dark, that the vast majority of the time you wouldn't even be able to see a space ship. Like in Star Trek, they always show the Enterprise and other ships maneuvering around space, but I think now that space doesn't have enough ambient light for you to see ships. It'd be like trying to see around at night when there's no moon out. All you'd see of another ship is a dark spot where it's blocking the starlight.

It's freezing cold in my apartment. Tomorrow I'm buying a space heater, we'll see if that helps. I hate being cold. Never again am I going to live in a cold apartment during the winter. This I vow. Maybe I should move south. It's getting up to 70 this week in Texas.

kate: I just don't want you to stress out about it.
me: Don't worry, I'm not stressing.
kate: Good.
me: I don't stress out very often.
kate: Yeah, that's because you don't have any emotions.

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