Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today I'm staying home because I'm supposed to get 3 different package deliveries. It was some clever delivery coordinating on my part. And I'm doing work, but mostly looking out the window too frequently to make sure the fed-ex guy isn't sneaking up to my door to leave a "missed you" note before running away.

I went to a concert with Rachel last night. It was alright. I liked the first opening band the most, and Lemonheads fans are all so weird. They're old and they get really into the music and dance weird. The music is sort of between softrock and hardrock so the audience doesn't really know what to do. And some of the people are just plain weird. Anyway, it was a decent time. I didn't drink any alcohol, just had one extremely overpriced coke. And I think I managed to go the whole night without saying anything mean to Rachel.

Rachel: You're cornering the market on Kates from Colorado.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

1. you were on great behavior and def didnt say anything mean

2. i knew you'd blog that ;)