Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Banjolina Jolie and Tom

I saw the first Banjolina Jolie performance at Rustico last night. I got dinner there with Rachel first. The fries were good, the burger was okay, and it was all totally overpriced at $13. I think it's gotten significantly more expensive than the last time I ate there, and yesterday will probably be the last time I ever eat there again. No more Iron City beer, overpriced food, that place is going down hill.

The band was pretty good. I was a little far away because Rachel didn't want to stand too close. They played from one side of the bar and I was close to the middle of the room, so I was at the further end of those who could hear the band (they didn't have any electronic speakers or mics). Mostly I could just hear Eric singing and a little of the more rhythmic instruments. I'm not a big fan of their Blink 182 cover, but I enjoyed their William Shatner cover. I haven't heard any of Shatner's cds, so it was interesting. Maybe i'll find some of that stuff. You can't beat the Shat.

Tom visited last weekend from NYC because Dave is leaving this Friday. We had a poker game and I came in second (though I still lost $20 because I rebought in). Tom won the game, collecting like $60-$80. And we went out drinking, but it wasn't as fun as it might have been because I ate way too much food for dinner. At the end of the night we also got called "faggots" repeatedly by an angry drunk guy outside of Bar Pilar. I was going to kick some ass but the other guys dragged me away while Eric yelled "I love men!"

(Tom got married a year or two ago. Rav asked him how the married life is going)
Tom: Oh, it's great. I'm living the dream. I have to come home right after work and clean the apartment, but that's just part of life. She only yells at me sometimes. You know, you have your good days and your bad days. I cook a lot, I clean a lot, I wash things that... I didn't even know could be washed. The last time I had sex was 6 months ago. What month is this, April?
Rav: Haha, it's May!
Tom: Oh, no, the last time I had sex was 2 months ago. The doctor had put my wife on some heavy medication...

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linda o said...

Banjolina Jolie?!?! Sounds awesome. Do they have a myspace account?
BTW: Yours for Now is playing a show on Saturday, June 28 at the same bar we played at last time--Bar Matchless.