Friday, May 9, 2008


Bored at work today so I went on a blu-ray buying spree. I got:
Enter the Dragon (somehow I don't have the dvd of this, and the amazon reviewers say this is the best picture transfer yet),
Troy (I have the dvd of this, but the blu-ray has the director's cut and I thought the movie had some great photography. It should be good in hd),
Underworld (one of my favorite Bill Nighy roles, this is some kind of extended version that I don't have also), and
The Patriot (this movie is cheap because it was one of those that you could get for free if you ordered a ps3 early so there're lots of unappreciated copies out there. It's super long and extended, and I remember enjoying the original).

I also go Virtua Fighter 5, because after playing Tekken for a while I've gotten tired of being juggled by everybody and his mother and not being able to do anything about it. Seriously, it's so realistic. I know every time I watch a UFC match on tv one fighter will uppercut the other fighter into the air and then wail on him with a 6-hit combo before he falls to the ground. Happens all the time.

I thought about getting GTA 4, but I don't have enough time these days for that kind of game.

Finally I got a rice cooker. I'm tired of paying $6 per lb at the lunch buffet (and $9 per lb at Wholefoods!!) when 3/4's of my meal is rice. This thing is going to pay for itself in less than a month. The only trick is going to be washing it. I only have a bathroom sink.. I guess I'll be stopping by Eric's occasionally to wash it out.

Lest she think it's unimportant to me, last weekend Kate came down to dc to visit and I had a great time taking a long weekend off work and hanging out with her. She has some friends in the area so I met some of them. They're all so young and cheerful. Yep, they're new to the dc area.

Tomorrow is Reynoldstock!

(a guy in a forum comparing the story of GTA: San Andreas with GTA 4)
I'll admit that the story and missions of San Andreas could leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth, but this stems from the fact that you were playing as a punk ass no-balls bitch who, if I remember correctly, was raped by an ass-ugly chick in the country at one point.


Rachel said...

you better stock up on rice from costco, there is a rice shortage and pretty soon the rice cooker will be of no use for you

joe said...

haha. I've read about that. I think even with the shortage it'll be a lot cheaper than current buffet prices. Nobody in china is paying $6/lb for their food.