Friday, May 23, 2008

Cleaning and Curb Your Enthusiasm

Last night I was sitting at my computer playing a game when I felt something on my arm. I gave a startled jump and looked down at my arm but there was nothing there. Thinking maybe it was the hood lace from my hoodie draped on the back of the chair, I sat back down and resumed my game. A few minutes later I glanced down at my shirt and see a cockroach run up the shirt and over the top of my shoulder.

I don't think I screamed quite like a girl, but there was definitely a yelp. I jumped up and yanked my shirt off faster than I ever had before. After killing the cockroach I held an emergency cleaning session in my apartment. I collected and took out all the trash last night and tonight I'll vacuum everything. Hopefully I won't have a recurrence.

I've been watching season 6 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Some of it is great, some of it is a return to the rediculousness that turned me off to it in season 1. Like the time when Larry was telling his date about overhearing a racist comment in the bathroom, and as soon as Larry quotes the use of the n-word a black doctor walks by and totally freaks out. He screams for a few minutes at Larry and then storms off in a fit of rage, and shaves Jeff's head while he's anesthetized and awaiting operation. Later he apologizes to Jeff by explaining that he was driven into a frenzy from having heard Larry's racism, and then Jeff and his wife proceed to scream at Larry for what the doctor did. The whole thing was retarded and extremely far fetched, and slightly, dare I say it, racist. There's not a black person on that whole show who isn't a ticking time bomb just waiting to misconstrue anything Larry says and get horribly angry and then loud about it. On the other hand, everyone on that show is kinda loud.

There are other episodes in the season that are pure gold though. When Funkhouser discovers Larry stole flowers from Funkhouser's mother's roadside memorial and shouts, just before walking away, "If we weren't best friends I'd knock your teeth in!" And Larry turns to his wife and laughingly says "We aren't best friends, I don't know where he got that from." The whole separation thing is kinda depressing, but it could have been made much more so. And the actress who plays Xena Warrior Princess is surprisingly pretty hot. I think she's pretty disgusting on her tv show with the dark hair and American accent. But blond with an Australian accent she's quite attractive. Usually I don't go for accents either.

me: i was just skimming your facebook profile
me: not much has changed there recently
kate: I haven't been on facebook much
me: yeah
me: you're not cool like that
me: but that's okay
kate: I could put a photo up of me and one of my guy friends

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Sonia said...

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