Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is it just me, or is xkcd in a slump lately? The past few have been completely unfunny. I think he's running out of material. I never really liked the ones that start out "My Hobby:" then doing something weird. Please. Nobody has that many hobbies.

Last weekend was Kate R's going away party and my sister from NYC visited. I wandered out and met her at a super loud bar in Adams Morgan and she and Doug got brunch the next day with me and Kate. I was only mildy worried about Kate and Doug not liking each other, but it turns out they got along just fine. And the breakfast food at BusBoys & Poets isn't great. At least the egg burrito isn't. Actually I think I still have half of that in my fridge. I wonder if it's still okay to eat.

(after I make a degrading comment about Spittle's powder coating side-business on his facebook page)
Spittle: I'd appreciate you not bashing my new business on my own website!


Rachel said...

I was just thinking that the other day about xkcd going downhill. some are still funny, but most arent. I think he's trying too hard now

joe said...

Yeah, you can only make engineering jokes for so long before you need new material.

Rachel said...

I feel like a bunch of his jokes are "inside jokes" now too, so maybe his circle of friends thinks its funny, but ordinary people like us just dont