Friday, September 12, 2008

(originally written 9/12/08 but left unposted)
I think the FCC should make a new law where if you say anything factually incorrect on tv, or something legally correct but a moderately stupid person would be mis-lead into believing something inaccurate, then you have to pay a huge fine. Too many dumb Americans believe anything they're told by people on tv. And at this rate McCain is going to win his election by mischaracterizing and outright lying, just by banking on the gullibility of the majority. The FCC should just acknowledge that people are gullible, and it's no longer legal to take advantage of them. The same goes for lying cellphone/electronics/car salesmen who promise things that aren't true.

(I run into Josh in the pantry at work)
me: next month I'm moving into an apartment that's 2 blocks from you.
Josh: that is unacceptable! We can't have this kind of trash moving into the neighborhood!

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