Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working super late tonight because my flight is early in the morning and all this stuff is going to be due. Blah. And I'm still kinda sick. Not at sick as Kate, but that's probably because I got her sick in the first place. (Though she did think that she was going to get healthy before me just because I have to keep working through my sickness. But I showed her!) Merry Christmas people! So long, East coast! I'll be back just before New Years Eve.

(responding to a poster who complained that he'd rather install offical DRM than go to a sketchy torrent site and downloading software that does who-knows-what to his computer)
Wex: There is a difference between going to a proper site and getting a torrent hundreds of people already tested, and going to a "XXX BRITNEY NAKED! WAREZ! RINGTONES!" site to get infected. If you know where and how you surf you don't get exposed to malware. And whoever doesn't should first pirate a good antivirus.

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