Thursday, December 4, 2008

I went to Ravi Shah's wedding in Florida last weekend. It was a good time but now I'm sick. Either it was the lack of sleep, the drinking every night, constantly eating Indian food, or sharing a room with Eric, but for whatever reason I'm now sick, and it's no good. Kate thinks I get sick 3 weeks before the end of every quarter (because of stress or guilt), but I haven't noticed that pattern. I'll make sure to keep track from now on. Is it possible to get sick 4 times a year?

I fell asleep in my office chair, for the first time in like a year (my officemate had already gone home so it was okay). I blame my lapse on the sickness. But anyway, there's something about sleeping in that chair that causes really disturbing dreams. This is like the third time that I've dreamed (dreamt?) I was under anesthesia on the operating table or in a dentist's chair and totally unable to move. It's a little disturbing.

Eric thinks reusing water bottles will give you cancer. Hmm, lots of webpages about this. Ususally he accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist but lots of hippie webpages and conspiracy theorist webpages that agree with him. I was going to site a bunch but that's too much trouble. I figure that these bottles don't have expiration dates on them so you don't know how long it's been sitting on the store's shelf before you drink it. There's no reason that you'll be drinking more plastic when you're actually changing the water than when the water is just sitting and marinating the plastic.

(I think we split a toothbrush double-pack from target)
me: Whoops, did I just use your toothbrush?
Kate: Umm, no, that one's mine. (shrugs)
me: Whew. I was about to induce vomiting.
Kate: Just like I want to every time you kiss me.


Rachel said...

yeah, i think eric is right on that one. i heard it too. i think thats why people use like nalgene bottles and stuff.

but really, isnt everything a carcinogen? Like styrofoam cups, or any tupperware in the microwave, or metal vegetable cans stored in the fridge

Tomatoes are the only thing thats actively NOT a carcinogen as far as i can tell. So eat pizza, and just dont do anything dumb like smoke and we'll be....well we are probably screwed anyway.

joe said...

No, no. Eric is never right. I just need to find the right webpage.