Monday, September 6, 2010

As usual there is nothing worth watching on tv. Only king of the hill, but I have it on dvd anyway. So instead I'm trying to watch some semi-crappy movies on comcast on-demand (Pathfinder and then My Super Ex-Girlfriend). Now it looks like the movies on there are both censored and have commercials! What! Why would I want commercials on demand? F cable tv. I only ever got it because kate liked to watch tv. This week I'll call comcast and see about canceling it.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is funnier than I thought it was going to be. By that I mean it's mildly entertaining. I got lunch with Amelia last Thursday and she told me how she thought her ex might have copied her apartment key, so she was going to get all her locks changed. I've never had a crazy ex though. I wonder how common it really is.

My desktop computer might have completely died via overheating. I'll find out tomorrow. I should have installed a case fan long ago.

(From an article about the best sitcoms on tv, an entry about Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia)
Your jaw will drop and you’ll squirm in your seat when you hear Frank dismiss his daughter Dee’s pregnancy with a deadpan “Do yourself a favor and flush it out.”

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