Sunday, September 26, 2010

Watching Hancock while I eat dinner. I'm only gonna watch the first half because I have to do work, and the second half is terrible. How can a movie start so interesting and end so terribly? Will Smith does okay with his scowling and occasionally interesting interactions with Jason Bateman. Charlize Theron acts weird and annoying the whole time, not unlike Edward Cullen's wide-eyed constipated look when he first meets Bella. I guess that's the look for supernatural attraction. Jason Bateman carries the movie. Him and special effects.

Back to work.

(from a user review of Road to Perdition)
Those who are turned off by Road to Perdition because of the bloody deeds performed by Hollywood Good Fella Hanks, akin to watching Jimmy Stewart in the role of someone who kicks puppies, are perhaps missing the point.

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