Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've had the new brand new album for a while now but never really listened to it. I didn't much like their last album (the devil and god are playing inside me), so I had low expectations going in. The huge problem with this album is that track 1 is terrible! What a producing mistake that was. It's like putting the dreary "No Seatbelt Song" at the beginning of the album. Nobody would make it past that. So after like a year, somehow I listened past the first song, and there's actually some good stuff later.

I think I like this song "At the Bottom" the most out of all of Brand New's songs. Excellent imagery.

(from a user review The Sure Thing)
The first ten minutes of Reiner's commentary are a must-listen if you rent this for two hilarious moments:
1) when he confesses to having been unable to direct the opening sequence because Nicollette Sheridan (the cover girl) was in a bikini and, in auditions had told him "You can't handle it" when he'd asked to see her body--and he agreed; and
2) when he says that John Cusack reminds him of himself then WITHOUT A BEAT proceeds to praise the young actor's tremendous intelligence, sense of humor, good looks, and sex appeal. Well worth it.

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