Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm flying tomorrow. So if you hear about a plane crash, worry for me. I always worry about flights for some reason. I start thinking about leaving a will and putting all my affairs in order. The problem is you're so dependent on the system when you're flying. If there's a problem and they can't solve it, there's nothing you can do. It's like being an astronaut, something I would never be. I would like a personal parachute and an eject button on my seat. Then at least I'd have a hope, an illusion of self-reliance. I've read too many plane crash reports on wikipedia I think.

I was reading an interesting article about why black and white film is more flattering for some movies than color, and somehow I clicked a link to this. Apparently an internet sensation. Rebecca Black - Friday. You're welcome.

I've removed my link on the left to ars technica. I've gotten tired with how a lot of their articles are news with interspersed author opinion telling you what to think about what's being reported. It's the Fox News of technology websites. It's like the opinion you'd hear if you were getting your news from Sheldon Cooper too. Lots of backhanded condescension. Bleh.


Rachel said...

1. air travel passengers should not be compared to astronauts!
2. you are a bit late on the friday bandwagon
3. I finally watched some like it hot, then read up on it and I guess they were going to make it in color, but when the guys dressed up as girls the makeup looked too off in color so they had to go with black and white.

joe said...

Air travel is totally like being an astronaut, it's just not quite as high an altitude :)

Interesting about Some Like it Hot. I always thought that was way before color films. My cousins once convinced their younger brother (also my cousin) that life back then was just in black and white until the 50s when color was invented.

Rachel said...

50's? Wizard of OZ was 1939 ;) But i believe they were right that prior to 1939 everything was infact b&w

joe said...

That's true, though I heard that it was like a big thing for the Wizard of Oz to be in color, and I'm not sure I consider that kind of technicolor to be the same thing. Most of those Humphry Bogart, Cary Grant, and James Stewart movies are in black and white. I think it wasn't common/cheap until the 50s.