Sunday, February 26, 2012

Still sick. Probably even more sick, somehow. I haven't been going out, haven't been working, haven't been doing anything! It's swelteringly hot in here. I nap as often as possible, drink endless hot water and eat hot oatmeal. Sometimes I watch movies if I'm unable to sleep. Not even any video games! And what has it gotten me!?! Where has that superman's immune system gone to?

I just noticed today that all my cough medicine expired in 2010. (Apparently the last time I was significantly sick was in 2008.) So tomorrow I'll get new medicines. And go see the doctor. Bleh. I hate going to see the doctor normally, and going to him sick is just asking for trouble. He'll probably take advantage of my weakened state and abuse me with his medical instruments.

And my phone is still broken. I tried pulling out the battery, letting it sit, and then rebootting it but that didn't work. More extensive measures to come.


Sarah said...

This all sounds terrible. :(

Get some chicken noodle soup while you are out tomorrow.

joe said...

Is that better than hot oatmeal? I found a chicken noodle "soup at hand" in my cupboard but it was a few years expired. I'm hoping to stick to solid foods now though. I don't have many clean spoons left.

Sarah said...

Chicken Noodle Soup is classic for when you are sick, Joe. It is easy on the stomach, warm and soothing. That said I'm glad you didn't eat the expired soup as you might have ended up sick in a different way.

joe said...

I know you play it safe with your foods, Sarah, but I try to live my culinary life on the edge! I hesitated a good 20 seconds, going back and forth in my head, before finally tossing the soup out. Or that may have been because I really didn't feel like walking to the grocery store to find something else to eat.

Maybe soup in hand just gets better with age like wine. Now we'll never know.