Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have a Korn sweatshirt given to me long ago by an uncle. You remember that hard rock band?  I was once a big fan.  The sweatshirt has "Korn" spelled out in skulls on the front, and I always thought it was kinda cool. Then tonight I wore it to walk to 7-11 and the cashier there asked me what message my shirt was trying to say about the Koran. Hrmm.

Saturday I went with Rachel to Flying Dog brewery where we got a tour and drank some small-sized "mugs" of each beer. I didn't especially like any of the beers, but they were free.  I'm not sure what I expect of a brewery, but this one seemed exactly the same as the only other brewery I've seen, which was some brewery out by the ocean. (Dogfish Head?  Maybe.)  They're both somewhat cool buildings with a handful of rooms, each with large metal vats. It was an alright tour. Fairly quick with some interesting trivia.  Rachel had to wear some rubber shoes over her sandals, maybe because they're worried about airborn foot fungus? I'm not sure what the reason was. We stayed afterwards for some brewery festivities, then we accidentally took the long route back to VA and went to visit Puja and Sunjeev. It was a very pleasant day.

Now more details in list form, because I'm tired of narrating:

-Rachel pointed out undiscovered grey hairs on the side of my head that are too far back for me to see. I'm not sure I appreciate it.

-We discussed what to do if you're eating alone and start choking. It's a grim scenario for me because my desk chair has wheels. I try not to watch anything too funny while I eat.

-I'm pretty sure we decided that the only people whose house you can just show up at without calling ahead are your parents. Or I decided that anyway. Rachel said it also goes for any house to which you've been given a key, but I'm not so sure. (Just to be safe, none of my neighbors here have my spare apartment key.) This was discussed in connection to just showing up at Puja's house without calling ahead, which Rachel was initially for. Maybe she thinks we should be more of a "just drop in" society.

-I tried some french fries seasoning that everyone was surprised I hadn't heard of before. Yet now I can't even remember the name of it. It was like some crab favored powder. I wasn't a huge fan. I prefer mustard or just salt on my fries.
All for now.  Eric is somewhere around DC.  I might see him today.


Sarah said...

Old Bay seasoning probably...

joe said...

That sounds right. I told Rachel it sounded like a deodorant.