Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Apparently this blog is not as well-hidden as I once thought it was. Hello, to all you who found this page back when I had it linked from Facebook. Maybe I should get a tracker like Rachel and Puja have.

Hope all your holidays were mediocre, because then mine were better and I like feeling superior. (I'm not sure if being superior is actually required.) Christmas was quiet, though I was busy with a bunch of non-family things. New Year's was a lot of fun, though my date drank a little too much champagne and the only competition (of the advertised plural "competitions") turned out to be this completely skill-less game where you toss plastic pigs and hope they fall one on top of the other. At the end of the night Eric mixed up a special New Years drink that was a combination of all different kinds of regular alcohol, and some Bolivian Chicha mixed in. Probably the foulest stuff I'd ever smelled, and even though I was slightly drunk I didn't want to even try it. Kate was surprised that even though she was looking beautiful, I still got more compliments on my funny looking, informal tie than she did on her outfit. I had forgotten that this group of friends hadn't before seen my skinny tie in action.

This year I still don't have a resolution yet. Last year's was to be able to touch my toes... something I still can't do. Maybe this year I'll finish that program I've been sporadically working on. Or (and this is doubtful) maybe this year I'll accomplish both!

(2AM New Year's Day, an asian kid wearing a suit and tie crosses the street not far in front of us)
kate: Oh my God, he's going to puke!
(I look closer. The kid is walking kinda hunched over and doesn't look too well, but I'm optimistic by nature.)
me: Nah, he'll be fine. He's a trooper.
(In the middle of the street the kid stumbles and his pants fall down to his knees before he manages to catch them, yank them up, and keep walking)

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