Monday, June 9, 2008

back and busy

Frustrated at work. Some brilliant coworker of mine thinks it's okay to walk up to the group printer and grab his printout from the stack while leaving everything else just sitting there. He must not understand that the printer offsets at every other printing and, if you just take one out of the mix, the printer will drop the next printout right behind the previous and nobody will find it. I just spent 10 minutes fishing through there trying to find my missing printout. I should wait in the print room someday. Bring in a newspaper and some coffee. Then when I see this guy snatch his printout off the top of the stack I'll be there to smack him over the back of the head with the paper and shout "Bad!"

I'm back from a fun time in Colorado (where it was warm, for once) and now have to do 200% at work. I also have to get up to NYC this weekend for my sister's art show, we'll see how I manage that. At least we're having a pleasant heatwave this week. 100 degrees today.

I have a caffine headache.

(an customer review of William Shatner's "The Transformed Man")
"The hallowed words of Shakespeare, Lennon-McCartney and Bob Dylan are trampled and tortured in Shatner's patented overripe acting style, turned up to eleven. Shatner's anguished cry of "Mr. Tambourine Man!!!!" at the end of that song is so unexpected and frightening, it would kill a strolling minstrel dead in his tracks."

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