Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I forgot my umbrella in the metro. It's a little upsetting, but the thing only cost me $5 and I bought it 3 years ago. Also, it's not nearly half as nice as the umbrella I randomly found on the metro two years ago and now keep in my office for rainy afternoons. (In a slightly humorous story, it's exactly the same kind of umbrella that my co-worker lost on the metro the very same day. So he was kinda suspicious that it was his, but his name wasn't on it and I didn't give it to him.) Over all, I think I've gotten a good trade of the forgotten-umbrella culture.

Also today there was a beggar on the metro train yelling at the top of his lungs. "Anyone have 40 cents? 40 cents?" He just stood at the front of the train car yelling it. Some lady gave him some change and then the yell turned into "Anyone have 40 cent? This lady gave me 20. Anyone have 40 cent?" He also occasionally threw in a word that I don't think was English. It sounded like the Japanese word for Godzilla, "Giaka!" (note: looking at this later, Giaka apparently isn't the Japanese word for Godzilla at all. I just thought so from this scene in Rush Hour 2.) It was quite annoying. He yelled all the way from Shaw to L'Efant Plaza, when the train operator found out about it was said over the loudspeaker "Can someone please call out the transient on the train." I'm not sure what that meant, but the guy finally hopped off the train and we left him at L'efant.

(dan, in an email responding my question of which wii games he recommends)
Red steel was fun but i'd just wait for the second one (better control i'd assume) wario ware smooth moves is the perfect party game for the ladies (as well as big brain academy wii degree, you can see how stupid your lady friends are).

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