Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saw the Dark Knight finally with Kate. I thought it was quite good, much better than Ironman or Superman Returns or any other newer comic movie. Kate was scared and jumped around in her chair anytime something startling happened. I guess It was pretty heavy for a PG-13 movie.

We had dinner and drinks with Puja and Sunjeev, and I learned that there is still another layer of intrigue in the story of how Puja and Sunjeev met. What this new layer will reveal, I do not yet know, it's almost like a tv episode. Also I had a mojito for the first time and it was delicious, though expensive. I'll have to get the ingredients and start making them myself.

I've been working on a case where I've needed to do a little research on the use of ALU accumulators. I wish I could retake my old microprocessors class today, I'd be so good at assembly programming. I don't know why it all seemed so confusing at the time.

After walking aroud Mt Pleasant, I'm thinking of trying to move out there. The streets are nice and green. You can almost feel the negative ions in the air.

whitney: did you tell her i like joe mcmahan?
joe: no
joe: who's that?
whitney: my kenya buddy
joe: oh you like that blond joe guy?
whitney: ya.
whitney: blonde joe
whitney: cute
joe: huh. if you say so
whitney: he says he loves me
joe: aww
whitney: :)
whitney: yes...(sigh)
whitney: i say...well okay.
whitney: but buy me stuff to prove it

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